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Once a week myself and two of the coolest girls in the world meet up for dinner party – rotating houses. Last night was my turn and – as I promised them – went all out!

I found the most amazing Food Blog – Food and Fabulous – and then I came across a very interesting Recipe; although I’ve never had Aubergine I was excited to try and put this dish together! Z2 is Vegetarian so it’s always exciting to try new things and experiment with different ingredients. This recipe was perfect for the ‘Gourmet Sense of Style’ I was wanting to treat them with.

Myself and Z1 are not vegetarian so I thought some chicken would really be missed but alas – it was PERFECT; a recipe I would recommend to anyone. I did however think it would be too little food so I opted for a 2nd dish – a Butternut, Beetroot, Feta, Red Onion and Roasted Sunflower Seeds recipe which I found on Harvest Brighton and Hove. I did serve it cold though.

These are my attempts at these dishes – personally I think I did a job well done; it tasted Delicious!

What is your favourite dish to try?


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If, like me, you have been waiting for this time of the year to arrive you are, like me, VERY EXCITED RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

Image Via: thischickcooks.blogspot.com

I only have a few more days left of work then it’s me, the sun, friends, my love and food {eek}!!

You see – This has never been a problem for me – the food part that is; as Frankly I ate whatever I wanted to but I can’t do that any longer. Now, what to do, what to do!?

 Image Via: Delish.com


I have researched various healthy alternatives to Christmas lunches, dinners, snacks and more.

These are a few options which I thoroughly enjoy and find easy to make as well:

1. Fish Cakes – I know it’s not really ‘Christmas-sy’ but hey it tastes DELICIOUS, it’s easy to make, affordable and Healthy.

2. Pumpkin Pie – Make your own; so you know exactly what goes in there!

3. SALAD – there are so many healthy, delicious and filling salads to add to your main dish.

4. Kebabs – who DOESN’T love a Kebab!?

5. Sweet Potato {The healthier option} – there are hundreds of recipes out there. {Try them out!}

6. Roast Veg – please don’t drench them in oil!

What are you making for Christmas Lunch and/or Dinner?


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