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Yesssssss..it’s 31 August – the very LAST day of August – this means one thing and one thing ONLY: SPRING is Literally around the Corner and I can wait NO LONGER!

There’s something about this Season – it’s the beginning of ‘new’, the beginning of a new chapter in the year, Flowers Blossom, people seem happier and the Soft Sunshine provides Outside Leisure Activities. Yes, you can go jogging WITHOUT a Raincoat, you can go for a ROMANTIC Picnic without checking the weather every second – you can enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Country of ours!

Now, the other thing that really excites me is: SPRING FASHION!
Vibrant Colours, Big Sunnies, Spring Dresses – short and Maxi – oh it’s all just so FABULOUS!

So, let us all reminisce in this day – as it’s the Last Day before Spring has Finally Sprung!
Below I have gathered some Spring Inspiration – doesn’t it just make you….HAPPY!?

Ahhhh..all the Colours - so vibrant; so happy!

Long, Flowy Dresses - now that's what Spring's ALL ABOUT! LOVE!

FLOWERS - the first Visual of Spring!

Big, Colourful Sunnies - What is not to LOVE?

Image 1 via vrmag.net

Image 2 via stylehive.com

Image 3 via coutureetcuisine.com

Image 4 via thefashionbugs.com


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It comes as NO SURPRISE that the Reality Star, Kim Kardashian had Custom-made shoes for her wedding and frankly it doesn’t surprise me that she had three pairs of them either! As we know – the Kardashian Clan does everything OTT, especially the famous Kim!

This is what the Bride herself had to say about her fabulous Custom Made Giuseppe Zannoti Shoes!! “Giuseppe Zannoti custom-made me three pairs of GORGEOUS heels to go with each Vera Wang gown. The first pair was go with the princess dress that I wore during the wedding ceremony. They are closed-toe off-white satin with the crystal heel. I needed the height and wanted a sturdy heel because I was so afraid I was going to trip walking down the aisle! LOL! For my mermaid gown I wore the peep toe white heels with the amazing beads on them. And then thirdly, I wore the simple satin sling back peep toes with my simple satin Old Hollywood gown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Zannoti! I am forever grateful you made this day that much more special!”


Via Kimkardashian

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It is no secret that I adore the Kardashian Clan – YES – they ARE way OVER THE TOP but hey; as they say: If you have it, Flaunt it!

At last, Kim Kardashian and (now husband) Kris Humphries said their I Do’s and of course, did not disappoint! She looked breathtaking – I absolutely LOVED the White Bridal Party looked; how about you?

Princess Kim!! Well done Vera Wang!!

Via Kimkardasshian

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Besides Sex and the City (of course) – there’s something (or rather someone) else I love…no; he’s not hot, nor a Guy. She is Called ‘The magnificently Talented Vera Wang’!

Vera Wang first caught my eye when interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show when she launched her Bridal Collection (the more ‘affordable’ one they mentioned), but after digging deeper I got rather fond of Mrs Wang and NOW I am just in Love.

Kim Kardashian will be walking down the aisle in less than a week (20 August) in one of Wang’s designs – (I’m certain) looking stylish and Glamorous all at once; so I thought – why not share some of my favourites.

Here you go; enjoy!

I LOVE THIS ONE - I love anything with a bow!!

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here - Boob-tube, big at the bottom and ribbon.

Not at all Over the Top but BEAUTIFUL!

Image 1 via fashionbride

Image 2 via weddinge.net

Image 3 via chatfa.com

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – Your eyes are not deceiving you; man: I.AM.EXCITED! [Happy Dance.]

There are very few things in this world I love more than an episode (or marathon – either way works) of Sex and the City! Now the news of a possible new Season broke and it might send others – like me – in somewhat of a FRENZY!

It is rumoured that we can rather expect a Season than a Movie – It might be because of all the negative criticism the second SATC movie received. [Sad face – cause I rather enjoyed it!]

Well – Season or Movie; I will most DEFINITELY be watching. You can not NOT watch a something all about LOVE, FASHION and LIFE! As the Famous Carrie Bradshaw Says, “LOVE – now that is ONE LABEL that will NEVER go out of style!” I agree!!

Via Sarie

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OH.MY.WORD – I may be coming from a ‘it’s not comfortably to wear and NO guy Finds it attractive – at all’ perspective but who on earth would have thought the specie to most mock the trusted SPANX would be able to buy their own. I am stunned.

The Proof is in the Manx…I guess:

Bridget Jones would be so proud!

Via dailymail.co.uk

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O.k, so I came across this MAGNIFICENTLY AWESOME Lip gloss named: 2 Love my Lips! Not only is it fan-ta-bu-lous gloss but with your purchase you will also receive an Anti-Drink Spiking Detector Test! HOW COOL is that!?

Not only will you look fantastic, you will be SAFE as well – which is more important; don’t you think?

Steven Reed, Marketing Director of 2 Love my Lips sent this to me and frankly – I got such a FRIGHT; not just because of the Statistics but because I DIDN’T KNOW this about my own Country!! I’m sure I’m not the only one? 

“South Africa is one of the three major human trafficking hubs in the world,  mainly because of the lack of legislation to protect women and to go after these monstrous criminals.   South Africa also doesn’t have laws against drink spiking or human trafficking!  Not a single South African I’ve spoken to knew this and were shocked and surprised (as I was).  This can be confirmed with Nico Panagio who is the Chair for Missing Children SA , an NGO we are beginning to support. “

I love anything Beauty but I love being safe MORE – This is one amazing (Double Amazing) Product from 2 Love my Lips and I personally SALUTE you for bringing it to SA (It’s from the UK)!

Now you can Have your Cosmo and Spike Test it too! ENJOY!!

For more information on 2 Love my Lips – please visit www.2lovemylips.co.za or contact the Brand Manager,  Charne Slee at  info@2lovemylips.co.za.

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