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It’s been quite a while since my last post (my apologies) – but I’m back and ready to start talking (well, writing).

Let’s Update:

1. NWJ Bridal Fair was GREAT (As always)

2. The Wedding Expo in JHB was just as amazing

3. Bride of the Year rocked my world (the event got great coverage and was featured on two television programmes respectively)

4. I still love working out and eating healthily

5. I’ve obtained my BTech Degree in PR

Jip; That’s my mom and I

6. I’ve turned a wonderful 24 (and spotted my 1st wrinkle..SH*T)


Birthday Celebration Dinner which I hosted

7. I found my new favourite blog: Broadbites.com

8. Shopping is still a problem for me; I Love it too much (I doubt that’s going to change)

9. I’ve met the most amazing women

10. I lost my assistant (I pray she’s in a wonderful place)

11. I did my 1st (paid-for) shoot

12. My friend got engaged

There have been so many things happening; I think I’ll leave you with this broad list and continue a more detailed blog post tomorrow.

Have a good Evening.



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Being from Cape Town; I’m not use to the humid weather I’m currently experiencing in Durban!

I just arrived in the city of heat – no I’m not referring to the curry! According to my phone the real feel of today is 36! I should be on Campsbay Beach and then Bungalow enjoying a mojito but alas; I’m in Durban.

I don’t mind that much though – I’m here to meet and greet industry vendors and brides-to-be which is always great!

I’ll post updates and pics!

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