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Finally!! David and Victoria Beckham has welcomed a girl – named Harper Seven Beckham – into this world.

David updated his Facebook Status 8 hours ago and was proud to announce the birth of his daughter! Such a proud Father!

Aaaaah...such a Proud Daddy!

I have NO doubt Miss Harper will be as glamorous as her mom and dad!!


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Victoria Becham Fall 2011 - LOVING this look..except for the Head gear.

Every day I am surrounded by fashion; may it be my colleague dressed in her meeting attire or my best friend telling me about the ‘OH MY WORD you MUST buy this’ pair of boots! Fashion surrounds every person, some more than other…that other; is me.

I am based in Cape Town, according to me, the New York of South Africa. Unique styles walking down the street every single day; new fashion emerging from each corner – providing individuals such as myself with the inspiration to want to know more; want to be more; want to wear more: Fashion.

Do you have a favourite fashion style; what is it?

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