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The time has finally come – the FINALS of {probably the best} Idols SA!!

Who do you think will take it?


I have only one ANSWER……………..


Yes; you’ve guessed it: DAVE VAN VUUREN!!

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What is not to love about a Good Old Cup of Tea? I especially LOVE my cup but if there’s ONE person in this world who {More than} LOVES her cup of tea – it’s my mother!

Thus; I dedicate this post to my mom – who has inspired me to do so many {different} thing in my life!

I love you!


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I think everybody who lives in Cape Town, loves Cape Town – there’s just NO other way!

I have to give credit to my BFF Z1 though – without her I would not have grown to love the Mother City as much as I do! She took me to various coffee shops, restaurants and Markets {I’m starting to notice a weight gain pattern here Z1!?} which I immediately fell in love with; I took my family, friends and Boyf – to share with them the beauty in which we are surrounded!

The one place I came to LOVE is the Promenade – if you’re from Cape Town, you’ve been there! Although you’ll find a rather large number of joggers, strollers and Rollerladers you will soon come to notice the Beauty the Scenery offers!

I strongly suggest you take a stroll down one of the most beautiful ‘walkways’ in SA!

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As mentioned previously; I have turned my life around – I came to a point in my life where I had to be Honest with myself! 

I started watching what I put in my mouth as well as how much exercise I do in a week – this seems to be the only {healthy} option out there and I’m sticking to it! Done!

So, this is what I have learned over the Course of {more or less} 4 months:

1. It is {VERY} POSSIBLE To say NO. Especially aimed at Sweet indulgences – the sugar will kill you!

2. It is possible {and VERY EFFECTIVE} to incentivise your Workout Routine. Work out 3 times a week for 2 week=new pair of Shoes. Your wallet and waistline thanks you!!

3. Loosing weight is Difficult. Deal with it!

4. What you put in your mouth; needs to be used effectively within your workout.

5. Working out doesn’t allow you to eat whatever the hell you want. This will ruin you. You will NOT lose any weight. {UPSIDE: You can indulge [after you’ve reached a stable weight] in something..NOT EVERYTHING}

6. Don’t REWARD yourself with food – in the end you are ONLY FOOLING YOURSELF.

7. Lastly – you will Thank YOURSELF for what you have achieved. You will feel better; your skin will look better; your hair, nails – everything will just be better!!

P.S – TOP TIP {BEAUTY}: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. You can Thank me later!

Happy Exercising!


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Soooo…I have this thing about Make-up (I.LOVE.IT) and I have a thing about Colour!! Combine the two and you have: THE 80’S ERA! Welcome!

With Spring arriving last month and Summer on it’s way I thought it fit to share some Colourful MAKE-UP Trends as well as Hair Pieces with you – Hence the 80’s Theme!!

I hope you enjoy them!


HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THIS!? Man, I wish I could pull something like that off!!

I especially love the Lip Colour; how about you?

Ah, this is too BEAUTIFUL - Love the Hair Piece!

That Bow is a TAD too Big for my liking.

Image 1 via zencast.com

Image 2 via taaz.com

Image 3 via blog.debenhams.com

Image 4 via elle.com

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Sooooo…you all know I love all things Pretty right, well I also love all Things Wedding!!!!!! ‘Cause there’s NOTHING Prettier than a wedding!!

Another thing I’m Crazy IN-LOVE with is Hair Accessories – Big, small, white or colourful!

Below I have gathered some Wedding Inspired Hair Accessories – WARNING – {Some of the below are, well, for the more ADVENTUROUS Bride}.



What can I say...for the more Adventurous Bride! Definitely Something I would wear!!

I'm not sure if this is a Flower or a Shell but it sure looks Beautiful!!

The Birdcage Veil has made a HUGE Comeback and I love the trend - Especially with the Red Lip!!

Image 1 via weddinginspirasi.com

Image 2 via savvymode.com

Image 3 via blog.weddingpaperdivas.com

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There’s something about an Accessory – it adds ‘value’ to any outfit – may it be through the colour, size, style or for being just REALLY PRETTY!!

Below I have posted some great Finds!



Some Flower Power


Image 1 via weheartit.com

Image 2 via weheartit.com

Image 3 via prettychicky.com

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