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So after much speculation and weighing of options; I decided to rather go to the gym than exercise outdoors!

This may seem strange as I was in town, had to endure 5 ‘o clock traffic and my petrol light – very appropriately – switched on, but I managed to keep calm and take the high road!

I am very happy about my decision as just then, I received an email from Z2 – she wasn’t feeling all that happy! Now, usually I would suggest wine and in a way I did but Z2 suggested our tradition – a red cuppachino from Woolworths! She did end up having wine – I didn’t – but I suspect she needed it a tad more than me!

After our catch up I did manage to visit the gym; and I had one of the best sessions ever – it may have been that mixed berry smoothie…or the fantastic chat I had with my friend! I am CERTAIN I needed Z2 more than she needed me! Strange how that works out; right?


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I came across this BEAUTIFUL All White Seating Area Image – I’m not sure which one I love more; the white Chandelier or the Colourful books in the white bookcase – difficult decision I must say!

Oh, please please be MINE!!??

So, after examining the image a bit further I decided I like everything about this seating area – the white provides me with such a clean, open feeling and the books touches on my nerd factor – which I adore!

I would suggest some sort of rug for the white floor though – just to break the white floor and chair vibe it has going on there – other than that – Welcome Home!!

At least I know of one friend who will, one day have an all white living space – so I can live out my dreams there!!

Image Via inhometrend.com

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