I spent my night with the Girls, a rather rare occasion of late – nonetheless, we had an absolute blast! We were invited to attend the 1st official Galileo Open Air Cinema Feature Film at the V&A Waterfront and ‘my, my(!!!)’ it did NOT disappoint!

They have some more amazing films lined up with big names such as Pretty Women, The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast and Tiffany’s and really – SO Much more!

Pop over to their website for more info and the official low-down on what exactly you can expect from this phenomenal Summer Experience!

Pssst…Tonight we ROCKED to the Tunes of ABBA – MAMMA MIA! made its way STRAIGHT back into my Heart!

My friends and I when we are older; or now – which-ever:



No I’m not referring to rolls as in FAT rolls but rather rolling in terms of going forward! I’ve been creatively making use of weights and YAY! I am starting to see some results…pity my rear doesn’t want to shrink as fast as I would like.

Anywho, just wanted to pop in…off to a Braai now; 1st need to go make that salad. Eek!


I guess I should welcome myself to my blog…it’s been forever since my last post; what a shame.

I’ve been busy; very busy. After obtaining my Degree in PR I have made a career move, a house move and a…well; that’s actually all the moves I have been making (unless you refer to my ‘moves like Jagger’.)!!

I think it’s time; time to re-start, re-launch and re-engage with my blog, myself and the possible readers hereof.

Welcome to a new and improved (I never understood that term but hey..it works!) Blog – Real Life Ramblings is here to rock your world; or perhaps just create a platform on which I can talk (to myself it seems).

Cheerios amegos.

It’s been quite a while since my last post (my apologies) – but I’m back and ready to start talking (well, writing).

Let’s Update:

1. NWJ Bridal Fair was GREAT (As always)

2. The Wedding Expo in JHB was just as amazing

3. Bride of the Year rocked my world (the event got great coverage and was featured on two television programmes respectively)

4. I still love working out and eating healthily

5. I’ve obtained my BTech Degree in PR

Jip; That’s my mom and I

6. I’ve turned a wonderful 24 (and spotted my 1st wrinkle..SH*T)


Birthday Celebration Dinner which I hosted

7. I found my new favourite blog: Broadbites.com

8. Shopping is still a problem for me; I Love it too much (I doubt that’s going to change)

9. I’ve met the most amazing women

10. I lost my assistant (I pray she’s in a wonderful place)

11. I did my 1st (paid-for) shoot

12. My friend got engaged

There have been so many things happening; I think I’ll leave you with this broad list and continue a more detailed blog post tomorrow.

Have a good Evening.


I look forward to Easter-weekend from the start of the year – not just because we get off work (YAY for Public Holidays), get to eat ENORMOUS amounts of Chocolates (and not feel guilty) and Hot-Cross Buns, but to spend time with family and share the true meaning of this special time! For all of those celebrating; Happy Easter!!

For those who don’t – enjoy this time; it truly is a special period!


Image via mccormick.com

Yesterday was quite the day of eating since arriving in Durban on Friday – the morning started of with a 3km run, follwed by 120 different sit-ups and crunches as well as a few push-ups!

I went for breakfast at around 8:30 and what a feast for the eyes! It was so hot – as always it seems – so I ended up having Belaire Suit’s homemade granola, greek yoghurt and loads and loads of fruit! It was delicious but I may have overindulged just a little bit, nontheless I grabbed 2 apples and – was on my way to the NWJ Bridal fair!

Like I mentioned; Durban is very hot as well as dry – this leaves me thirsty all the time! So I had about 3L of water as well as apples and a Yoga Berry (no dairy) Kauai Smoothie for lunch! Hmmmm!

This is still all good and well; what followed the evening may have been – what do they call it – carb overload! It was amazingly delicious though! Myself and a friend went to Cafe Jiran for dinner – we had wine, the most amazing veg lasagne I’ve EVER eaten follwed by what might have been the best ice cream and chocolate sauce in our existance!

It was a super fun night – the only thing is; I still have to have true Durban Curry! So, tonight I’m on the search for just that!

It’s drizzling today but nevertheless; I’m attempting at least a 2km jog! That ice-cream certainly won’t vanish any other way!

I’ll post some more pics soon!

Being from Cape Town; I’m not use to the humid weather I’m currently experiencing in Durban!

I just arrived in the city of heat – no I’m not referring to the curry! According to my phone the real feel of today is 36! I should be on Campsbay Beach and then Bungalow enjoying a mojito but alas; I’m in Durban.

I don’t mind that much though – I’m here to meet and greet industry vendors and brides-to-be which is always great!

I’ll post updates and pics!