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Last weekend I went on a bit of a shopping ‘outing’ – oh and did I enjoy it!!

Well – I bought a few items; one of these items being a Leopard Print Jumpsuit {from Mr. Price} (boob-tube which ties at the waist). Although I did think it’s a tad Out-There for me; I really liked the fabric and just went for it; “Hell; why not!”

Animal print has been doing its rounds in the fashion world – on handbags, belts, shoes, jumpsuits (yay!) and of course – various tops, personally I don’t think it has reached its peak or rather ‘pit’ as yet. I see new items – proudly showcasing various prints – emerging all over the place!

Although I got a few rather strange looks from my colleagues I still think it’s too cool not to wear; I use cool lightly as really – it’s very cool on this hot summer’s day in SA.

What do you think of Animal Print? (Leopard print in particular?)

I’ll post Pics tomorrow.


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As I mentioned in my previous post regarding beauty – the Body Shop sale continued until 29 January so I headed to the closest branch and bought the most amazing Face, Body and Make-up Brushes.

Make-up brushes, to me, is like designer wear; once you know the feeling and quality you can never go back! So either you never buy anything designer or you buy it once and save up (time dependant) for another fantastic piece of heaven in your closet!

Anyway – back to the brushes. I had my first experience when Z1 bought her Body Shop Face and Body Brush (ahhhhh) and there it was; I had to get my own – so why not buy the whole set!?

The great thing – I got it at a really affordable price (because of the sale) yet the quality is impeccable!
In the Set you will receive the following:

1. Face and Body Brush

2. Eyebrow Brush and Comb

3. Eye-shadow Application Brush

4. Concealer and Lipstick Application Brush

To top it off – all of this is neatly packed away in a black pouch!

Best investment ever!!

If – again – my description wasn’t up to scratch; I’ve posted 2 images below:

Images via dottiek.com

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Last night I attended the Girl Geek Dinners Cape Town hosted at Cafe Royale in Sea Point and what a moving experience – yes we enjoyed bubbly, canapés and received one amazing Goodie Bag but what really inspired me was the Guest Speaker of the evening – Catherine Lückoff.

As a woman in business – whom has been around the block (although still very young) had a few (phenomenal) pointers on what it takes to be a successful woman in business; it really hit home with me!

Being very ambitious, hard-working and expecting (myself) to succeed with regards to all aspects of my life; when she said – “Expect Failure; it will happen” it struck a cord.

I think women tend to think that they should always be the BEST at everything; look after everyone and think twice about standing up to a man but this in actual fact – is not the case at all. She also mentioned that, women think themselves inferior to men in the working world but when they do succeed turns out to be a bitch – and to worsen the situation demotes other women below her.

Is this what the world has come to? Today I take a stand against being a woman in business and become, like Lückoff said “a person in the business world”.

Who’s with me?

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There’s nothing as fabulous as a Bronzer/Blusher – especially in Summertime; to accentuate your already beautiful sun-kissed tan or for those who doesn’t quite enjoy the sunny weather as much as I do – to fake a bronzed tan.

So to my (uber) delight I came across the Body Shop Sale while having breakfast with my mom; inevitably I had to excuse myself for a mere second (which turned into an occurring visit) to just have a ‘quick look’ at what’s on offer!

Oh what a sale can do to one – already financially strained – make-up and beauty obsessed woman. Nevertheless I scratched together my cents and purchased one of the best products I have ever come across – It’s a Bronzer/Shimmery Powder/Blusher (Real Name: Baked Domed Marbelized Compact) which accentuates and defines your cheekbone; leaves the (perfect) rosy tint on the apples of your cheeks and most importantly – leaves you feeling (and looking) amazing! So go, go, go – get yourself one as well. The sale ends on 29 January 2012! JUST in time for payday!

If my – sometimes strange – description didn’t quite cut it; here’s a picture!

Image via cbsg5861.blogspot.com

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