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Soooo..after my post last night I thought…hmmm…why not share some of the things I have learned thus far; hence the following post! Enjoy!

NO - salad is NOT the ONLY thing you can eat when on a diet! There are some Fab recipes out there but hey - that salad sure looks GOOD! Hmmmmm!!

1. Eat a fruit and yoghurt for Breakfast – it fills you up and doesn’t add the extra ‘kilojoules’ milk does.

2. Have a Lite Cup a Soup when feeling Peckish – it fills you up until lunch time and it’s PERFECT for winter!

3. Having Crackerbread/Pro-vita/Rice Cakes/Rye-vitas etc.  for lunch is Great – you are full afterwards but you do not get the Bloated feeling Bread gives you – and the great thing is; you can have like 4 at a time! Vary your toppings and keep it interesting – my favourite: Tuna, fat free cottage cheese and Tabasco! Yum!!

4. Have coffee and tea – yeah yeah – caffeine is bad for you and it does give you cellulite but hey – you only live ONCE! Just watch your milk intake – 1 cup of fat free milk a day is more than enough.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: Drink Drink Drink Drink….WATER – up to 3 Litres per day!!

Top Tip – Dieting SHOULD NOT be a SCHLEP – it’s suppose to become your lifestyle! Throw in some exercise and you are good to go! Spoil yourself – if you eat healthily 5 days out of  a week and ‘cheat’ 2 of the 7 days you will NOT become fat – it’s a mindset; stick to it!

* I am not a trained dietician nor do I know A Lot about healthy eating – what you read here is what I have learned over this time and used to shed some kilos and I am in NO WAY forcing anybody to use these tips – they are mere suggestions. Good Luck! 

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HOW COOL IS THIS??!! When I first came across these amazing images I was a bit…..confused; some would say. How on earth do you get milk/water/paint – anything in a liquid form to fall perfectly on a human body! Yeah – I was naive – you call it Editing! Well – whatever it is and however it was done – MAN, this is just too awesome! Check out the pics below by the fantastic Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz who photographs under the name Aurum Light Studio !!

This one's my Favourite!!

What about this dress for a Friday night Party?? Perhaps we can add some sequins...

Rock n Roll the Milky Way!

Images via jaroslav-aurumlight.deviantart.com


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