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I’m not a HUGE Pink Fan {some may argue that statement when you see my room, but I assure you – a dusty pink is not…Pink}…anyway – back to Shoes! I came across this Pretty Pair while searching for well….Pretty Things!! {SHOCKER there}!!

I thought You’ll enjoy them as well!!


It seems I have a 'things for bows'...!? Anyway..LOVE

Image via thisnext.com


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My apologies for leaving you all for a while – not only was I super duper Busy but I had the worst flu humanly possible; making it impossible for me to Blog, {Ontrekkings} but I am back in full force! YAY!

To Update:

1. Fashion – I am still a fashion Junkie and although my Bank Balance may not support this Post of mine, my Cupboard sure does! I have bought some Fabulous Summer Items – I have an excuse {Please see below}.

2. Diet {although more a lifestyle choice as of lately} – Things are going really well with the whole ‘Looking Fab and feeling better’ lifestyle Choice I made 4 months ago! To date, I have shed 15 kg’s and still going strong! {hence the Shopping problem above}

3. Pretty Things – what more can I say, I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.ALL.THINGS.PRETTY!!

4. Writing {and Blogging} – I have ALWAYS had a PASSION for writing {and reading} but this has spiralled out of Control {in a good way}. I am so excited, driven and passionate about writing lately – it just came to me! I have this talent and I just want to learn more, know more and WRITE MORE!! It comes as no surprise then that I am in love with Blogging as well!

5. Newest fetish – WEDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Colour, style and height {well, not Lady Gaga High}.

LOVING the Bow!!

6. Step and Tone – This is RANDOM but I had to share it with someone – That Step and Tone Class of Yesterday nearly killed me; I am so stiff today I can hardly walk…so I went Jogging! It didn’t help – I’m still stiff…Thus opting for the better option; BLOGGING!

That’s me in a Nutshell- for now!


Image 1 via delicate-eternity.tumblr.com

Image 2 via tangerinehearts.com

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After seeing Jeannie D kick a rugby Ball on last week’s Top Billing in those beautiful Wedges of hers I immediately knew what my Spring/Summer addiction will be: Wedges – in all Colours, shapes and sizes!

Below I have gathered some amazing looking Wedge Photographs – and I fell in LOVE all over again. Ahhhhhh.

Enjoy – I sure did. I can look at them all.day.long!

Gladiator Wedges - I.am.in.love

These from Woolworths is just Fab-ta-bu-lous

LOVING the teal on this 'Piece of heaven'

Mary-Jane Wedges - HOW COOL?


Image 1 via freenewfashiondesign.com

Image 2 via aboutagirlinbloom.blogspot.com

Image 3 via instyle.com

Image 4 via footwearstudio.co.uk

Image 5 via fabsugar.com

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