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On my way to the office I couldn’t help but take a pic of Cape Town’s premier feature – Table Mountain! What is the best thing about your city?


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Last weekend I went on a bit of a shopping ‘outing’ – oh and did I enjoy it!!

Well – I bought a few items; one of these items being a Leopard Print Jumpsuit {from Mr. Price} (boob-tube which ties at the waist). Although I did think it’s a tad Out-There for me; I really liked the fabric and just went for it; “Hell; why not!”

Animal print has been doing its rounds in the fashion world – on handbags, belts, shoes, jumpsuits (yay!) and of course – various tops, personally I don’t think it has reached its peak or rather ‘pit’ as yet. I see new items – proudly showcasing various prints – emerging all over the place!

Although I got a few rather strange looks from my colleagues I still think it’s too cool not to wear; I use cool lightly as really – it’s very cool on this hot summer’s day in SA.

What do you think of Animal Print? (Leopard print in particular?)

I’ll post Pics tomorrow.

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