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Lindsay Lohan - she is such a pretty girl. Why all the DRAMA?

We all remember the innocent red-hair and freckled girl in Parent Trap but what happened to the ‘not-so-law-abiding-citizen’ Lindsay Lohan?

Well – she started getting noticed for flashing her bits, entered the social scene, started to neglect her job – which she actually has talent for – and threw her life away.

Now – after a very publicized court hearing and infamous ‘Fuck you’ written on her nail – Linsay; after stealing from a Jewellery Shop has been sentenced to House Arrest. Seriously?

Anyway, so while in ‘luxury prison’ – she had the time to make an extra buck through an advert for Beezid.com as well as throw a party – if this is prison, man – where do I sign up?

After being tested for alcohol she was found guilty (SHOCKER). Her sentence? She’s only allowed one guest as a time and no more parties!!??  The reason you may ask: She wasn’t suppose to be tested for alcohol, only drugs, thus the Judge let it slip.

Uhm – correct me if I’m wrong – last time I checked it’s not legal to drink while being monitored for substance abuse or in prison but hey that’s just me.

What do you think about Lindsay’s ‘Punishment’? Fair or not?

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