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Plait Away

After seeing Superficial Girl’s fabulous hair plait from Spoilt Salon I couldn’t help but try it myself. A plait/braid always looks amazing and can either be worn to a formal or informal event. So I – together with the assistance of Z1 – tried it on Z2. Although the final product didn’t look as fabulous as Superficial Girl’s – it’s not too bad for a first attempt; I think! Your thoughts?

P.s – please note this exercise was initiated and completed in a dodgy restaurant bathroom somewhere between Cape Town and Up the Creek!


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OH-MY-WORD – I nearly fainted when I came across the not-so-pretty images of the Lovely High School Musical Actress, Vanessa Hudgens! She has always been one of the sweetest looking girls around – she even makes you want to buy the new ‘Nice-smelling’ Grape Fruit  Neutrogena Face wash with only her looks.


Who ever said Facewash had to smell bad??

She has CHOPPED off all her glossy black hair and added a few pounds for her latest film – Gimme Shelter – where she plays a Pregnant Teenager. Clearly DEDICATION is key to be successful in the Entertainment Industry but what does Miss Hudgens has to say about her ‘NEW LOOK’? ‘Oh man, it’s really intense, I’m still getting used to it,’ she told Access Hollywood.’Honestly, I kind of feel a bit like a soccer mom, but we’re going to let that go.



And...ON SET

Although she is most definitely NOT FAT – but you can see a CLEAR difference – I am SO proud of this 22-year-old – she has what it takes to be a great success!!

I, for one, would think twice about going the lengths she has.

Well, That’s the long and SHORT of it!

Image 1 via labelleetleblog.com

Image 2 via Dailymail.co.uk

Image 3 via coolspotters.com

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