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Some may say going to the YDE Naked sale (where everything’s R99) is utterly ridicioulous and I would most likely agree – EXCEPT it’s so much fun and you really do get such great bargain deals!!

Every year, myself, Z1 and Z2 attend the ‘calender event’ and every year I ask myself, “WHY?” But then I remember – it’s tradition!

This year I managed to get some great garments – I bought a white double breasted trench-coat, black widelegged trousers, an army green skinny, a silk top and a burnt orange – with gold emphasis around the shoulder area – maxi dress! All for JUST below R500! Now – come on ; no one can argue – THAT requires good shopping skills!!

I had a blast; although exhausted afterwards (as well as broke) – I cannot wait for the next naked sale! It’s going to rock!



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There’s nothing as fabulous as a Bronzer/Blusher – especially in Summertime; to accentuate your already beautiful sun-kissed tan or for those who doesn’t quite enjoy the sunny weather as much as I do – to fake a bronzed tan.

So to my (uber) delight I came across the Body Shop Sale while having breakfast with my mom; inevitably I had to excuse myself for a mere second (which turned into an occurring visit) to just have a ‘quick look’ at what’s on offer!

Oh what a sale can do to one – already financially strained – make-up and beauty obsessed woman. Nevertheless I scratched together my cents and purchased one of the best products I have ever come across – It’s a Bronzer/Shimmery Powder/Blusher (Real Name: Baked Domed Marbelized Compact) which accentuates and defines your cheekbone; leaves the (perfect) rosy tint on the apples of your cheeks and most importantly – leaves you feeling (and looking) amazing! So go, go, go – get yourself one as well. The sale ends on 29 January 2012! JUST in time for payday!

If my – sometimes strange – description didn’t quite cut it; here’s a picture!

Image via cbsg5861.blogspot.com

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