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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and oh my goodness I’m so excited! Yes it’s commercialized and yes you’re suppose to treat everyday like it’s valentine’s day – when with you partner BUT come on – even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, you must at least like the love it represents!

I’m such a hopeless romantic – everybody knows this!! (Including my bf!) Therefore I celebrate this day like it may well be my last, because let’s be honest with each other – when can a grown up woman wear head to toe Pink/Red and not get strange looks? Only on Valentine’s Day!

This year I’m going at it in full force – I even got my colleagues to share in the excitement. (Against their will, but nevertheless – they are partcipating!)

So, to all the people out there who doesn’t necessarily appreciate this money making commercialized day, THINK twice – you won’t be getting this much chocolate on any ordinary day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I’m not a HUGE Pink Fan {some may argue that statement when you see my room, but I assure you – a dusty pink is not…Pink}…anyway – back to Shoes! I came across this Pretty Pair while searching for well….Pretty Things!! {SHOCKER there}!!

I thought You’ll enjoy them as well!!


It seems I have a 'things for bows'...!? Anyway..LOVE

Image via thisnext.com

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