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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and oh my goodness I’m so excited! Yes it’s commercialized and yes you’re suppose to treat everyday like it’s valentine’s day – when with you partner BUT come on – even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, you must at least like the love it represents!

I’m such a hopeless romantic – everybody knows this!! (Including my bf!) Therefore I celebrate this day like it may well be my last, because let’s be honest with each other – when can a grown up woman wear head to toe Pink/Red and not get strange looks? Only on Valentine’s Day!

This year I’m going at it in full force – I even got my colleagues to share in the excitement. (Against their will, but nevertheless – they are partcipating!)

So, to all the people out there who doesn’t necessarily appreciate this money making commercialized day, THINK twice – you won’t be getting this much chocolate on any ordinary day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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There’s nothing as fabulous as a Bronzer/Blusher – especially in Summertime; to accentuate your already beautiful sun-kissed tan or for those who doesn’t quite enjoy the sunny weather as much as I do – to fake a bronzed tan.

So to my (uber) delight I came across the Body Shop Sale while having breakfast with my mom; inevitably I had to excuse myself for a mere second (which turned into an occurring visit) to just have a ‘quick look’ at what’s on offer!

Oh what a sale can do to one – already financially strained – make-up and beauty obsessed woman. Nevertheless I scratched together my cents and purchased one of the best products I have ever come across – It’s a Bronzer/Shimmery Powder/Blusher (Real Name: Baked Domed Marbelized Compact) which accentuates and defines your cheekbone; leaves the (perfect) rosy tint on the apples of your cheeks and most importantly – leaves you feeling (and looking) amazing! So go, go, go – get yourself one as well. The sale ends on 29 January 2012! JUST in time for payday!

If my – sometimes strange – description didn’t quite cut it; here’s a picture!

Image via cbsg5861.blogspot.com

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What is not to love about a Good Old Cup of Tea? I especially LOVE my cup but if there’s ONE person in this world who {More than} LOVES her cup of tea – it’s my mother!

Thus; I dedicate this post to my mom – who has inspired me to do so many {different} thing in my life!

I love you!


Image 1 via teapartie.blogspot.com

Image 2 via madaboutpink.blogspot.com

Image 3 via  ohdearphotography.com

Image 4 via  countryliving.com

Image 5 via countryliving.com

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Soooo…I have this thing about Make-up (I.LOVE.IT) and I have a thing about Colour!! Combine the two and you have: THE 80’S ERA! Welcome!

With Spring arriving last month and Summer on it’s way I thought it fit to share some Colourful MAKE-UP Trends as well as Hair Pieces with you – Hence the 80’s Theme!!

I hope you enjoy them!


HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THIS!? Man, I wish I could pull something like that off!!

I especially love the Lip Colour; how about you?

Ah, this is too BEAUTIFUL - Love the Hair Piece!

That Bow is a TAD too Big for my liking.

Image 1 via zencast.com

Image 2 via taaz.com

Image 3 via blog.debenhams.com

Image 4 via elle.com

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Sooooo…you all know I love all things Pretty right, well I also love all Things Wedding!!!!!! ‘Cause there’s NOTHING Prettier than a wedding!!

Another thing I’m Crazy IN-LOVE with is Hair Accessories – Big, small, white or colourful!

Below I have gathered some Wedding Inspired Hair Accessories – WARNING – {Some of the below are, well, for the more ADVENTUROUS Bride}.



What can I say...for the more Adventurous Bride! Definitely Something I would wear!!

I'm not sure if this is a Flower or a Shell but it sure looks Beautiful!!

The Birdcage Veil has made a HUGE Comeback and I love the trend - Especially with the Red Lip!!

Image 1 via weddinginspirasi.com

Image 2 via savvymode.com

Image 3 via blog.weddingpaperdivas.com

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There’s something about an Accessory – it adds ‘value’ to any outfit – may it be through the colour, size, style or for being just REALLY PRETTY!!

Below I have posted some great Finds!



Some Flower Power


Image 1 via weheartit.com

Image 2 via weheartit.com

Image 3 via prettychicky.com

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My apologies for leaving you all for a while – not only was I super duper Busy but I had the worst flu humanly possible; making it impossible for me to Blog, {Ontrekkings} but I am back in full force! YAY!

To Update:

1. Fashion – I am still a fashion Junkie and although my Bank Balance may not support this Post of mine, my Cupboard sure does! I have bought some Fabulous Summer Items – I have an excuse {Please see below}.

2. Diet {although more a lifestyle choice as of lately} – Things are going really well with the whole ‘Looking Fab and feeling better’ lifestyle Choice I made 4 months ago! To date, I have shed 15 kg’s and still going strong! {hence the Shopping problem above}

3. Pretty Things – what more can I say, I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.ALL.THINGS.PRETTY!!

4. Writing {and Blogging} – I have ALWAYS had a PASSION for writing {and reading} but this has spiralled out of Control {in a good way}. I am so excited, driven and passionate about writing lately – it just came to me! I have this talent and I just want to learn more, know more and WRITE MORE!! It comes as no surprise then that I am in love with Blogging as well!

5. Newest fetish – WEDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Colour, style and height {well, not Lady Gaga High}.

LOVING the Bow!!

6. Step and Tone – This is RANDOM but I had to share it with someone – That Step and Tone Class of Yesterday nearly killed me; I am so stiff today I can hardly walk…so I went Jogging! It didn’t help – I’m still stiff…Thus opting for the better option; BLOGGING!

That’s me in a Nutshell- for now!


Image 1 via delicate-eternity.tumblr.com

Image 2 via tangerinehearts.com

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