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I just got back from a meeting; I’m from Cape Town, he’s from Johannesburg.

While discussing work related issues one thing in particular came up; does Cape Town residents believe in building relationships more, rather than people from Johannesburg who’s main aim seems to be work, work, work, money, money, money? (I’m not referring to any one in particular; definitely not the guy from my meeting.)

Or perhaps it’s just my way of thinking?

My aim from now onwards is to build relationships and maintain them throughout my life on earth – life really is to short for grumpy people!

There you go; my 10cents for the day!



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I don’t often exercise in the great outdoors – I much prefer a air-conditioned environment – but as I had a training session scheduled for today (which unfortunately had to be cancelled) I thought, “Why not grab the opportunity and take on the Promenade!” This will only include a Jog which is quite a relaxed exercise regime in comparison to my usual training.

My outdoor training experience (if you can call it that) started last week – when I was still a virgin Lion’s Head Climber/Walker/Runner; that’s no longer the situation. {YAY!!}

Now; I won’t go as far as to say I’ll be able to take you on a personal Hiking Tour but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out – some way or another – to get you up and down the mountain! (That’s a good way to start; right?)

Now the only question is, “Do I take on the Promenade, Lion’s Head or the familiar gym?”

What do you think of out door exercising?


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At last – the 14th of February has arrived and (as I’ve mentioned yesterday) I am very excited!!

I will be celebrating with my BF, as well as with Z1 and her better half at Addis in Cape in Cape Town. This will be our first visit to the restaurant so I’m really looking forward to learning about the Ethiopian Culture and eating their yummy food!

Today’s also the one day in the year when I allow myself to eat as much sweet treats as I wish; which is Great!

I’m very much in the spirit of things and even got beautiful pink nail polish to go with my Pink/White/Red outfit of the day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Share the Love; Pay it forward! It need not cost you a cent!


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I saw this amazingly beautiful rainbow and I just had to share!! Enjoy!!

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Myself and 3 friends were invited to attend the launch of the newly built (it burned down in 2009) Mangwanani African Spa at Zevenwacht (Kuilsriver, Northern Suburbs) and what a relaxing and beautiful experience!

We were beyond pampered  – our day/evening included a full body, foot and leg as well as a back and neck massage, dinner, snacks, beverages and the most amazing view, which I actually cannot describe! Although the road to the spa is quite rough and uneven (I nearly had a heart attack) it is very possible to take it on with a normal (not a 4×4) car. You’ll have to drive in first gear but believe me – It’s SO worth it!

We had our faces painted, drank bubbly, ate delicious food, had the most amazing treatments and the view – my goodness; nothing  I’ve seen before. During the day you are surrounded by vineyards but when the sun sets, the street lights welcome you into their world and you cannot help but relax and be thankful for what you are witnessing.

It was absolutely beautiful and it comes highly recommended!

Here are a few Pics!

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On my way to the office I couldn’t help but take a pic of Cape Town’s premier feature – Table Mountain! What is the best thing about your city?

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I think everybody who lives in Cape Town, loves Cape Town – there’s just NO other way!

I have to give credit to my BFF Z1 though – without her I would not have grown to love the Mother City as much as I do! She took me to various coffee shops, restaurants and Markets {I’m starting to notice a weight gain pattern here Z1!?} which I immediately fell in love with; I took my family, friends and Boyf – to share with them the beauty in which we are surrounded!

The one place I came to LOVE is the Promenade – if you’re from Cape Town, you’ve been there! Although you’ll find a rather large number of joggers, strollers and Rollerladers you will soon come to notice the Beauty the Scenery offers!

I strongly suggest you take a stroll down one of the most beautiful ‘walkways’ in SA!

Image via smartcapetownebook.wordpress.com

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