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As you know, I started my newest feature – Pretty Things – Yesterday!! I just could not get enough and had to share some more today! This is a short post – but amazing eye-candy nonetheless!


Guess what this is for? You are never going to guess.....well, o.k: It is to carry your Weddings Rings on - you know to keep them safe as they will most probably be travelling all the way from the one side of the aisle to you via your 4 year old nephew.

I absolutely LOVE this Photograph...oh and the Dress!!

There's just SOMETHING about Old Suitcases - it's nostalgic, Beautiful and Practical! What is NOT to love..well, you can't really pull them around on little wheels. Darn!

Image 1 via stylehive.com

Image 2 via staceyburr.wordpress.com

Image 3 thegildedbee.blogspot.com


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Now – there is one thing about me you ought to know – I have somewhat of a shopping fetish, I admit –  it does sprout from my love for shoes! I first fell head over heals with Louboutin when I saw Oprah wearing and loving hers; although they are frantically high; you can’t help but fall, pun intended IN LOVE with them.

I noticed Kim Kardashian has quite an extreme love for all things Louboutin. Thus, it comes as no surprise to me that Mr. Christian Louboutin are custom making a pair for her hugely publicised wedding!

LOVING the Leopard Print - perfect with either an All Black or All White outfit!!

These studs are quite dangerous but pretty nevertheless - Kim got these as a Birthday present from Kourtney and Khloe.

She even rocks a pair of Louboutin with her casual attire.

I wonder how it’s going to look? According to reports she was trying on some rather blinged up ones over the weekend to – wait for it –  find her perfect size. Really?

The Perfect shoe choice with that stunning dress!!

The close-up.

What do you think is the look Kim will flaunt on her big day? Sparkly or plain? (well, as plain as the Kardashian clan can be that is)!

Image 1 via pictures.zimbio.com

Image 2 via kimkardashian.celebuzz.com

Image 3 via ShoeRazzi.com

Image 4 via shoewawa.com

Image 5 via flypaper.bluefly.com

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