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On Sunday evening a whole bunch of us went to watch Goodluck perform at The Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch. This was my first visit and I am absolutely in love!

It was also my first time watching Goodluck perform live and – although Z1 rant and raved about how amazing they are – I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did! I’m officially a fan!

What boggles my mind is how Juliet (the leadsinger) can jump around, dance and perform on those heels; I would’ve broken my neck a long long time ago! (I hope she has a good medical aid plan! Hehe!)

I ate way to much, danced on and off the stage like no-one was watching and enjoyed myself above and beyond what I thought I would! Perhaps the combination of a Savanna promotion, great friends, amazing entertainment and a cool crowd is what makes a good time; great! Overall it was a fun (yet relaxing; believe it or not) experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my very busy (work-filled) weekend!

I HIGHLY recommend them!


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Don’t think anything of this heading – I am referring to my friends who love and appreciate fashion, most definitely not Jenni Button (Oh how I wish) or Elle Editor, Jackie Burger (my INSPIRATION) – nope I am referring to my everyday friends.

Jenni Button Store, Cape Town

The Elle Team - Including Jackie Burger

If you were to look up the phrase “Living and Breathing Fashionistas” in the dictionary or your ipad rather, you would get us (let’s call ‘us’ the Tri-pod). They tri-pod consist of myself and my two best friends.

We are all very different – we are in different industries, we have different hair colours – o.k. well I’m the only brunette (!!!!) and we have different ideas and grasps regarding the fashion world; or not so much?

My one friend (let’s call her Z1); Z1 Loves – and I mean LOVES – a handbag; any handbag. Big, small, leather, pleather (ONLY A JOKE – SHE WOULD DIE), black, white, blue, grey and if she absolutely HAD TO – pink; But I wouldn’t bet on that.

The other friend (Let’s call her Z2) – I know it’s strange but I promise both their names start with a Z. Now, Z2 Would kill for something shiny (no, I am not only referring to a diamond ring from Uwe Koetter I am much more referring to sequins – the MAGIC WORD) – this is no joke; if you are ever introduced; keep anything shiny put away in your handbag; if Z1 is not there I ought to be safe.

Then you have me – I am more on the neutral side; I LOVE handbags; I love sequins (in moderation); I also love a well fitted pair of black pants, a tailored top, a little black dress, the perfect court shoe, stilettos on which you can most probably break your neck, short skirts, tight tops, LEGGINGS, a good pair of flat leather boots, heeled boots you ought to change every season…and so much more.

Jenni Button Store via Uriah-designs.co.za

Elle Team via Stylescoop.co.za

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Each and every person out there has their personal top 10 things  they live for and seldom will budge on.

Same as them, I have 10 things I live for- not at all excessive but true to me.


1. Love – I cannot imagine my life without the love of my friends, family and partner.

2. Friends – My life without my two best friends is unimaginable.

3. Social Gatherings – that’s it! Any form of social gatherings.

4. Shopping – there are such a thing as retail therapy; I promise.

5. My Family – we are a family just like any other but without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

6. Beautiful Cape Town – there’s nothing I don’t LOVE about it.

7. Music – it can either make or break your mood.

8. Books and the Internet – I cannot go 1 day without stimulating my mind; reading is the best way.

9. Food – I love healthy food as well as cooking; it really relaxes me.

10. My morning cup of tea – enough said!

What is your top 10 things to live for?

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I have two best friends; we have the same ideas, morals and goals. One thing we do not all agree upon: What is ‘OMW’ amazing and what gets a 0 in the Elle Hot or Not Thermometer. Fashion sense, or style rather is something only an individual can decide on – that is what makes is so amazing, so unique.

I have taken the liberty of constructing a very easy, 5 question survey – I will complete this individually and you can complete it as well. Please leave your answers in the comments section below!

Question 1: Why Fashion; what is your opinion about fashion? Fashion, to me is something I live for everyday. It is there when I wake up and there when I go to bed. It provides me with the ability to portray my individuality without saying a word.

Question 2: What style do you currently support and why? I love a classic style – clean cut. I also love the casual look when not at the office – I love a good ol’ pair of leggings and boots. 

Question 3: Provided I give you an unlimited budget what is the first thing you’ll buy? Without a doubt – a Louis Vuitton Handbag (and no small one at that). Selling Price: Only R5 300

Question 4: What, according to you, is this season’s best buy? A trench coat (double breasted) is something that will never go out of season; I would think either a dark grey or dark blue will look lovely.

Question 5: Do you think you are a fashion trend setter and why? According to my one friend, ABSOLUTELY. According to the others – they have their own way of doing things.

Have an amazing weekend – fashion forward!!

Image via Bagzheaven.blogspot.com

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Victoria Becham Fall 2011 - LOVING this look..except for the Head gear.

Every day I am surrounded by fashion; may it be my colleague dressed in her meeting attire or my best friend telling me about the ‘OH MY WORD you MUST buy this’ pair of boots! Fashion surrounds every person, some more than other…that other; is me.

I am based in Cape Town, according to me, the New York of South Africa. Unique styles walking down the street every single day; new fashion emerging from each corner – providing individuals such as myself with the inspiration to want to know more; want to be more; want to wear more: Fashion.

Do you have a favourite fashion style; what is it?

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