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So after much speculation and weighing of options; I decided to rather go to the gym than exercise outdoors!

This may seem strange as I was in town, had to endure 5 ‘o clock traffic and my petrol light – very appropriately – switched on, but I managed to keep calm and take the high road!

I am very happy about my decision as just then, I received an email from Z2 – she wasn’t feeling all that happy! Now, usually I would suggest wine and in a way I did but Z2 suggested our tradition – a red cuppachino from Woolworths! She did end up having wine – I didn’t – but I suspect she needed it a tad more than me!

After our catch up I did manage to visit the gym; and I had one of the best sessions ever – it may have been that mixed berry smoothie…or the fantastic chat I had with my friend! I am CERTAIN I needed Z2 more than she needed me! Strange how that works out; right?


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I know the Royal Fever has been alive and well the past months and Saturday (2 July) was only the 2nd of the 3rd Royal Wedding ‘scheduled’ for this year but one wedding which I also looked forward to was the Wedding of THE Kate Moss and British guitarist Jamie Hince!

Kate Moss may not be Britain Royal but she is most definitely Fashion Royalty and she DID NOT disappoint in her John Galliano Wedding Gown! 

Aaaaaahhhhhh.. She looks SO Happy!

A Kiss as Husband and Wife!!

Man - she rocked that Dress!! Absolutely Beautiful!! Also LOVING his outfit!

Images via washingtonpost.com

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