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Each and every person out there has their personal top 10 things  they live for and seldom will budge on.

Same as them, I have 10 things I live for- not at all excessive but true to me.


1. Love – I cannot imagine my life without the love of my friends, family and partner.

2. Friends – My life without my two best friends is unimaginable.

3. Social Gatherings – that’s it! Any form of social gatherings.

4. Shopping – there are such a thing as retail therapy; I promise.

5. My Family – we are a family just like any other but without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

6. Beautiful Cape Town – there’s nothing I don’t LOVE about it.

7. Music – it can either make or break your mood.

8. Books and the Internet – I cannot go 1 day without stimulating my mind; reading is the best way.

9. Food – I love healthy food as well as cooking; it really relaxes me.

10. My morning cup of tea – enough said!

What is your top 10 things to live for?


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