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My apologies for leaving you all for a while – not only was I super duper Busy but I had the worst flu humanly possible; making it impossible for me to Blog, {Ontrekkings} but I am back in full force! YAY!

To Update:

1. Fashion – I am still a fashion Junkie and although my Bank Balance may not support this Post of mine, my Cupboard sure does! I have bought some Fabulous Summer Items – I have an excuse {Please see below}.

2. Diet {although more a lifestyle choice as of lately} – Things are going really well with the whole ‘Looking Fab and feeling better’ lifestyle Choice I made 4 months ago! To date, I have shed 15 kg’s and still going strong! {hence the Shopping problem above}

3. Pretty Things – what more can I say, I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.ALL.THINGS.PRETTY!!

4. Writing {and Blogging} – I have ALWAYS had a PASSION for writing {and reading} but this has spiralled out of Control {in a good way}. I am so excited, driven and passionate about writing lately – it just came to me! I have this talent and I just want to learn more, know more and WRITE MORE!! It comes as no surprise then that I am in love with Blogging as well!

5. Newest fetish – WEDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Colour, style and height {well, not Lady Gaga High}.

LOVING the Bow!!

6. Step and Tone – This is RANDOM but I had to share it with someone – That Step and Tone Class of Yesterday nearly killed me; I am so stiff today I can hardly walk…so I went Jogging! It didn’t help – I’m still stiff…Thus opting for the better option; BLOGGING!

That’s me in a Nutshell- for now!


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Image 2 via tangerinehearts.com


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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – Your eyes are not deceiving you; man: I.AM.EXCITED! [Happy Dance.]

There are very few things in this world I love more than an episode (or marathon – either way works) of Sex and the City! Now the news of a possible new Season broke and it might send others – like me – in somewhat of a FRENZY!

It is rumoured that we can rather expect a Season than a Movie – It might be because of all the negative criticism the second SATC movie received. [Sad face – cause I rather enjoyed it!]

Well – Season or Movie; I will most DEFINITELY be watching. You can not NOT watch a something all about LOVE, FASHION and LIFE! As the Famous Carrie Bradshaw Says, “LOVE – now that is ONE LABEL that will NEVER go out of style!” I agree!!

Via Sarie

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After seeing Jeannie D kick a rugby Ball on last week’s Top Billing in those beautiful Wedges of hers I immediately knew what my Spring/Summer addiction will be: Wedges – in all Colours, shapes and sizes!

Below I have gathered some amazing looking Wedge Photographs – and I fell in LOVE all over again. Ahhhhhh.

Enjoy – I sure did. I can look at them all.day.long!

Gladiator Wedges - I.am.in.love

These from Woolworths is just Fab-ta-bu-lous

LOVING the teal on this 'Piece of heaven'

Mary-Jane Wedges - HOW COOL?


Image 1 via freenewfashiondesign.com

Image 2 via aboutagirlinbloom.blogspot.com

Image 3 via instyle.com

Image 4 via footwearstudio.co.uk

Image 5 via fabsugar.com

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I know the Royal Fever has been alive and well the past months and Saturday (2 July) was only the 2nd of the 3rd Royal Wedding ‘scheduled’ for this year but one wedding which I also looked forward to was the Wedding of THE Kate Moss and British guitarist Jamie Hince!

Kate Moss may not be Britain Royal but she is most definitely Fashion Royalty and she DID NOT disappoint in her John Galliano Wedding Gown! 

Aaaaaahhhhhh.. She looks SO Happy!

A Kiss as Husband and Wife!!

Man - she rocked that Dress!! Absolutely Beautiful!! Also LOVING his outfit!

Images via washingtonpost.com

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I have two best friends; we have the same ideas, morals and goals. One thing we do not all agree upon: What is ‘OMW’ amazing and what gets a 0 in the Elle Hot or Not Thermometer. Fashion sense, or style rather is something only an individual can decide on – that is what makes is so amazing, so unique.

I have taken the liberty of constructing a very easy, 5 question survey – I will complete this individually and you can complete it as well. Please leave your answers in the comments section below!

Question 1: Why Fashion; what is your opinion about fashion? Fashion, to me is something I live for everyday. It is there when I wake up and there when I go to bed. It provides me with the ability to portray my individuality without saying a word.

Question 2: What style do you currently support and why? I love a classic style – clean cut. I also love the casual look when not at the office – I love a good ol’ pair of leggings and boots. 

Question 3: Provided I give you an unlimited budget what is the first thing you’ll buy? Without a doubt – a Louis Vuitton Handbag (and no small one at that). Selling Price: Only R5 300

Question 4: What, according to you, is this season’s best buy? A trench coat (double breasted) is something that will never go out of season; I would think either a dark grey or dark blue will look lovely.

Question 5: Do you think you are a fashion trend setter and why? According to my one friend, ABSOLUTELY. According to the others – they have their own way of doing things.

Have an amazing weekend – fashion forward!!

Image via Bagzheaven.blogspot.com

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Victoria Becham Fall 2011 - LOVING this look..except for the Head gear.

Every day I am surrounded by fashion; may it be my colleague dressed in her meeting attire or my best friend telling me about the ‘OH MY WORD you MUST buy this’ pair of boots! Fashion surrounds every person, some more than other…that other; is me.

I am based in Cape Town, according to me, the New York of South Africa. Unique styles walking down the street every single day; new fashion emerging from each corner – providing individuals such as myself with the inspiration to want to know more; want to be more; want to wear more: Fashion.

Do you have a favourite fashion style; what is it?

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