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Although Spring has certainly sprung on 1 September it’s not until this Glorious day that the Weather also started playing along!!

In The Beautiful Cape Town it is a warm 27 degrees and I can NOT be HAPPIER!

Welcome Spring – I LOVE YOU!


Image Via Style me pretty and Jubilee Events


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Yesssssss..it’s 31 August – the very LAST day of August – this means one thing and one thing ONLY: SPRING is Literally around the Corner and I can wait NO LONGER!

There’s something about this Season – it’s the beginning of ‘new’, the beginning of a new chapter in the year, Flowers Blossom, people seem happier and the Soft Sunshine provides Outside Leisure Activities. Yes, you can go jogging WITHOUT a Raincoat, you can go for a ROMANTIC Picnic without checking the weather every second – you can enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Country of ours!

Now, the other thing that really excites me is: SPRING FASHION!
Vibrant Colours, Big Sunnies, Spring Dresses – short and Maxi – oh it’s all just so FABULOUS!

So, let us all reminisce in this day – as it’s the Last Day before Spring has Finally Sprung!
Below I have gathered some Spring Inspiration – doesn’t it just make you….HAPPY!?

Ahhhh..all the Colours - so vibrant; so happy!

Long, Flowy Dresses - now that's what Spring's ALL ABOUT! LOVE!

FLOWERS - the first Visual of Spring!

Big, Colourful Sunnies - What is not to LOVE?

Image 1 via vrmag.net

Image 2 via stylehive.com

Image 3 via coutureetcuisine.com

Image 4 via thefashionbugs.com

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Yeah Yeah, I know – winter’s almost over – spring is on its way BUT it is still freezing (YAY for some warmer weather this past couple of days) and what better way is there to celebrate this grey-sky weather with some Fashionable Chunky Knits.

It has the ability to make you look a bit on the Chunky larger side but if you wear this trend right you will most definitely check all the boxes of this latest phenomena.

Please see below some Lovely (and cosy) Chunky Knits!


This one is my favourite - it may be because it's such a pretty Picture though...

Two Trend in One Pic: Floppy Hat >> Check. Chunky Knit >> Check

Ahhhh...I love this one. A statement piece; elegant, on trend and yet classy.

It does help your brand if Mila Kunis models it for you - Beautiful pic...oh, and knit.

Image 1 via alisonnicolegrise.com

Image 2 via becauseimaddicted.net

Image 3 via live.drjays.com

Image 4 via vogueoneoone.blogspot.com

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