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In keeping with the Chunky Knit Theme I thought it would be great (and clever of me) to share some Chunky Knit Interior. What do you think? Is it something you would consider – referring to the Chair Cover that is. Share your Thoughts!

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE this! I can already pictures a Charcoal one on my bed..Ahhhhh.

It's not a Personal Favourite of mine but I'm certain other people will embrace its Cosy-ness?

A Hand-made Doily Rug - WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? And it's AWESOME!

I love the colour, the texture and...who am I kidding - I LOVE all (O.k, most of them - there are some which I dislike) Scatter Cushions!!


Image 1 via pennyrounds.net

Image 2 via pinterest.com

Image 3 via etsy.com

Image 4 via etsy.com






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Yeah Yeah, I know – winter’s almost over – spring is on its way BUT it is still freezing (YAY for some warmer weather this past couple of days) and what better way is there to celebrate this grey-sky weather with some Fashionable Chunky Knits.

It has the ability to make you look a bit on the Chunky larger side but if you wear this trend right you will most definitely check all the boxes of this latest phenomena.

Please see below some Lovely (and cosy) Chunky Knits!


This one is my favourite - it may be because it's such a pretty Picture though...

Two Trend in One Pic: Floppy Hat >> Check. Chunky Knit >> Check

Ahhhh...I love this one. A statement piece; elegant, on trend and yet classy.

It does help your brand if Mila Kunis models it for you - Beautiful pic...oh, and knit.

Image 1 via alisonnicolegrise.com

Image 2 via becauseimaddicted.net

Image 3 via live.drjays.com

Image 4 via vogueoneoone.blogspot.com

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