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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and oh my goodness I’m so excited! Yes it’s commercialized and yes you’re suppose to treat everyday like it’s valentine’s day – when with you partner BUT come on – even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, you must at least like the love it represents!

I’m such a hopeless romantic – everybody knows this!! (Including my bf!) Therefore I celebrate this day like it may well be my last, because let’s be honest with each other – when can a grown up woman wear head to toe Pink/Red and not get strange looks? Only on Valentine’s Day!

This year I’m going at it in full force – I even got my colleagues to share in the excitement. (Against their will, but nevertheless – they are partcipating!)

So, to all the people out there who doesn’t necessarily appreciate this money making commercialized day, THINK twice – you won’t be getting this much chocolate on any ordinary day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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What is not to love about a Good Old Cup of Tea? I especially LOVE my cup but if there’s ONE person in this world who {More than} LOVES her cup of tea – it’s my mother!

Thus; I dedicate this post to my mom – who has inspired me to do so many {different} thing in my life!

I love you!


Image 1 via teapartie.blogspot.com

Image 2 via madaboutpink.blogspot.com

Image 3 via  ohdearphotography.com

Image 4 via  countryliving.com

Image 5 via countryliving.com

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I think everybody who lives in Cape Town, loves Cape Town – there’s just NO other way!

I have to give credit to my BFF Z1 though – without her I would not have grown to love the Mother City as much as I do! She took me to various coffee shops, restaurants and Markets {I’m starting to notice a weight gain pattern here Z1!?} which I immediately fell in love with; I took my family, friends and Boyf – to share with them the beauty in which we are surrounded!

The one place I came to LOVE is the Promenade – if you’re from Cape Town, you’ve been there! Although you’ll find a rather large number of joggers, strollers and Rollerladers you will soon come to notice the Beauty the Scenery offers!

I strongly suggest you take a stroll down one of the most beautiful ‘walkways’ in SA!

Image via smartcapetownebook.wordpress.com

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Besides Sex and the City (of course) – there’s something (or rather someone) else I love…no; he’s not hot, nor a Guy. She is Called ‘The magnificently Talented Vera Wang’!

Vera Wang first caught my eye when interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show when she launched her Bridal Collection (the more ‘affordable’ one they mentioned), but after digging deeper I got rather fond of Mrs Wang and NOW I am just in Love.

Kim Kardashian will be walking down the aisle in less than a week (20 August) in one of Wang’s designs – (I’m certain) looking stylish and Glamorous all at once; so I thought – why not share some of my favourites.

Here you go; enjoy!

I LOVE THIS ONE - I love anything with a bow!!

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here - Boob-tube, big at the bottom and ribbon.

Not at all Over the Top but BEAUTIFUL!

Image 1 via fashionbride

Image 2 via weddinge.net

Image 3 via chatfa.com

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – Your eyes are not deceiving you; man: I.AM.EXCITED! [Happy Dance.]

There are very few things in this world I love more than an episode (or marathon – either way works) of Sex and the City! Now the news of a possible new Season broke and it might send others – like me – in somewhat of a FRENZY!

It is rumoured that we can rather expect a Season than a Movie – It might be because of all the negative criticism the second SATC movie received. [Sad face – cause I rather enjoyed it!]

Well – Season or Movie; I will most DEFINITELY be watching. You can not NOT watch a something all about LOVE, FASHION and LIFE! As the Famous Carrie Bradshaw Says, “LOVE – now that is ONE LABEL that will NEVER go out of style!” I agree!!

Via Sarie

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After seeing Jeannie D kick a rugby Ball on last week’s Top Billing in those beautiful Wedges of hers I immediately knew what my Spring/Summer addiction will be: Wedges – in all Colours, shapes and sizes!

Below I have gathered some amazing looking Wedge Photographs – and I fell in LOVE all over again. Ahhhhhh.

Enjoy – I sure did. I can look at them all.day.long!

Gladiator Wedges - I.am.in.love

These from Woolworths is just Fab-ta-bu-lous

LOVING the teal on this 'Piece of heaven'

Mary-Jane Wedges - HOW COOL?


Image 1 via freenewfashiondesign.com

Image 2 via aboutagirlinbloom.blogspot.com

Image 3 via instyle.com

Image 4 via footwearstudio.co.uk

Image 5 via fabsugar.com

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I absolutely LOVE this Quote; how about you?

Mr Churchill sure knew what to say!!



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