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As promised – here are a few pics of my much loved Leopard Print Jump Suit!

What do you think?





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Last weekend I went on a bit of a shopping ‘outing’ – oh and did I enjoy it!!

Well – I bought a few items; one of these items being a Leopard Print Jumpsuit {from Mr. Price} (boob-tube which ties at the waist). Although I did think it’s a tad Out-There for me; I really liked the fabric and just went for it; “Hell; why not!”

Animal print has been doing its rounds in the fashion world – on handbags, belts, shoes, jumpsuits (yay!) and of course – various tops, personally I don’t think it has reached its peak or rather ‘pit’ as yet. I see new items – proudly showcasing various prints – emerging all over the place!

Although I got a few rather strange looks from my colleagues I still think it’s too cool not to wear; I use cool lightly as really – it’s very cool on this hot summer’s day in SA.

What do you think of Animal Print? (Leopard print in particular?)

I’ll post Pics tomorrow.

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Model and co-designer, Agyness Deyn is most definitely not an eyesore and Lucky for South Africa she has landed the job to Model for Mr Price. She has been involved with them for quite some time.

When the Images of the Lovely Looking Agyness was released, my heart skipped a beat! Mr Price could NOT have made a BETTER decision on their preferred model – I will actually go out and buy one – if not all – of these dresses because it looks so HOT on her!

Nuff Said.

The Model of the Moment - Agyness Deyn


I'm GREEN with Envy... (I just HAD to.)


Images via Elle.co.za

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