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There’s something about an Accessory – it adds ‘value’ to any outfit – may it be through the colour, size, style or for being just REALLY PRETTY!!

Below I have posted some great Finds!



Some Flower Power


Image 1 via weheartit.com

Image 2 via weheartit.com

Image 3 via prettychicky.com


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As you know, I started my newest feature – Pretty Things – Yesterday!! I just could not get enough and had to share some more today! This is a short post – but amazing eye-candy nonetheless!


Guess what this is for? You are never going to guess.....well, o.k: It is to carry your Weddings Rings on - you know to keep them safe as they will most probably be travelling all the way from the one side of the aisle to you via your 4 year old nephew.

I absolutely LOVE this Photograph...oh and the Dress!!

There's just SOMETHING about Old Suitcases - it's nostalgic, Beautiful and Practical! What is NOT to love..well, you can't really pull them around on little wheels. Darn!

Image 1 via stylehive.com

Image 2 via staceyburr.wordpress.com

Image 3 thegildedbee.blogspot.com

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While Browsing the Internet and dreaming about travelling the world, I came about this image – it is such a beautiful illustration of what a ‘Roadtrip to no-where’ suggests. I absolutely fell IN LOVE  and just had to share it with you!

More pretty things to follow!

Roadtrip to.......fill in your own destination

Via joemcnally.com


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