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I have always been a great supporter and admirer of  women who wears pearls – it creates a certain…ambiance about them, thus it comes as no surprise that the beautiful and iconic Audrey Hepburn falls under my LOVE category!

An absolutely Beautiful and Witty Picture - LOVE!

I thought it fitting to share all the Beautiful things about Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Breakfast in General; this too – inspired my own Breakfast Ideas. Enjoy!!

I am in LOVE with this Picture - The Black and White really works!

Not only is the picture of good quality, I'm certain the Muffins is of the same excellence!

Loving the Purple Glove!!

Image 1 via fabaudrey.com

Image 2 via fanpop.com

Image 3 via kitchensimplicity.com

Image 4 via moviereviewland.blogspot.com


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Now – there is one thing about me you ought to know – I have somewhat of a shopping fetish, I admit –  it does sprout from my love for shoes! I first fell head over heals with Louboutin when I saw Oprah wearing and loving hers; although they are frantically high; you can’t help but fall, pun intended IN LOVE with them.

I noticed Kim Kardashian has quite an extreme love for all things Louboutin. Thus, it comes as no surprise to me that Mr. Christian Louboutin are custom making a pair for her hugely publicised wedding!

LOVING the Leopard Print - perfect with either an All Black or All White outfit!!

These studs are quite dangerous but pretty nevertheless - Kim got these as a Birthday present from Kourtney and Khloe.

She even rocks a pair of Louboutin with her casual attire.

I wonder how it’s going to look? According to reports she was trying on some rather blinged up ones over the weekend to – wait for it –  find her perfect size. Really?

The Perfect shoe choice with that stunning dress!!

The close-up.

What do you think is the look Kim will flaunt on her big day? Sparkly or plain? (well, as plain as the Kardashian clan can be that is)!

Image 1 via pictures.zimbio.com

Image 2 via kimkardashian.celebuzz.com

Image 3 via ShoeRazzi.com

Image 4 via shoewawa.com

Image 5 via flypaper.bluefly.com

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I came across this BEAUTIFUL All White Seating Area Image – I’m not sure which one I love more; the white Chandelier or the Colourful books in the white bookcase – difficult decision I must say!

Oh, please please be MINE!!??

So, after examining the image a bit further I decided I like everything about this seating area – the white provides me with such a clean, open feeling and the books touches on my nerd factor – which I adore!

I would suggest some sort of rug for the white floor though – just to break the white floor and chair vibe it has going on there – other than that – Welcome Home!!

At least I know of one friend who will, one day have an all white living space – so I can live out my dreams there!!

Image Via inhometrend.com

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I came across this work from Chinese artist, Tsang Kin-wah, It intrigued me immediately.

Pretty Design with not-so-pretty words from Chinese Artist Tsang Kin-wah

On first glance it looks like any other flower pattern but when you look closer you’ll notice words – loads of words – which makes up this beautiful pattern.

The words though – consist of some not-so-pretty phrases but nevertheless I found it quite interesting.

What do you think about Tsang Kin-wah‘s work – definitely something unusual I would say?

Image via ilovetypography.com

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Lindsay Lohan - she is such a pretty girl. Why all the DRAMA?

We all remember the innocent red-hair and freckled girl in Parent Trap but what happened to the ‘not-so-law-abiding-citizen’ Lindsay Lohan?

Well – she started getting noticed for flashing her bits, entered the social scene, started to neglect her job – which she actually has talent for – and threw her life away.

Now – after a very publicized court hearing and infamous ‘Fuck you’ written on her nail – Linsay; after stealing from a Jewellery Shop has been sentenced to House Arrest. Seriously?

Anyway, so while in ‘luxury prison’ – she had the time to make an extra buck through an advert for Beezid.com as well as throw a party – if this is prison, man – where do I sign up?

After being tested for alcohol she was found guilty (SHOCKER). Her sentence? She’s only allowed one guest as a time and no more parties!!??  The reason you may ask: She wasn’t suppose to be tested for alcohol, only drugs, thus the Judge let it slip.

Uhm – correct me if I’m wrong – last time I checked it’s not legal to drink while being monitored for substance abuse or in prison but hey that’s just me.

What do you think about Lindsay’s ‘Punishment’? Fair or not?

Image via People.com

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Don’t think anything of this heading – I am referring to my friends who love and appreciate fashion, most definitely not Jenni Button (Oh how I wish) or Elle Editor, Jackie Burger (my INSPIRATION) – nope I am referring to my everyday friends.

Jenni Button Store, Cape Town

The Elle Team - Including Jackie Burger

If you were to look up the phrase “Living and Breathing Fashionistas” in the dictionary or your ipad rather, you would get us (let’s call ‘us’ the Tri-pod). They tri-pod consist of myself and my two best friends.

We are all very different – we are in different industries, we have different hair colours – o.k. well I’m the only brunette (!!!!) and we have different ideas and grasps regarding the fashion world; or not so much?

My one friend (let’s call her Z1); Z1 Loves – and I mean LOVES – a handbag; any handbag. Big, small, leather, pleather (ONLY A JOKE – SHE WOULD DIE), black, white, blue, grey and if she absolutely HAD TO – pink; But I wouldn’t bet on that.

The other friend (Let’s call her Z2) – I know it’s strange but I promise both their names start with a Z. Now, Z2 Would kill for something shiny (no, I am not only referring to a diamond ring from Uwe Koetter I am much more referring to sequins – the MAGIC WORD) – this is no joke; if you are ever introduced; keep anything shiny put away in your handbag; if Z1 is not there I ought to be safe.

Then you have me – I am more on the neutral side; I LOVE handbags; I love sequins (in moderation); I also love a well fitted pair of black pants, a tailored top, a little black dress, the perfect court shoe, stilettos on which you can most probably break your neck, short skirts, tight tops, LEGGINGS, a good pair of flat leather boots, heeled boots you ought to change every season…and so much more.

Jenni Button Store via Uriah-designs.co.za

Elle Team via Stylescoop.co.za

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Each and every person out there has their personal top 10 things  they live for and seldom will budge on.

Same as them, I have 10 things I live for- not at all excessive but true to me.


1. Love – I cannot imagine my life without the love of my friends, family and partner.

2. Friends – My life without my two best friends is unimaginable.

3. Social Gatherings – that’s it! Any form of social gatherings.

4. Shopping – there are such a thing as retail therapy; I promise.

5. My Family – we are a family just like any other but without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

6. Beautiful Cape Town – there’s nothing I don’t LOVE about it.

7. Music – it can either make or break your mood.

8. Books and the Internet – I cannot go 1 day without stimulating my mind; reading is the best way.

9. Food – I love healthy food as well as cooking; it really relaxes me.

10. My morning cup of tea – enough said!

What is your top 10 things to live for?

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