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If, like me, you have been waiting for this time of the year to arrive you are, like me, VERY EXCITED RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

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I only have a few more days left of work then it’s me, the sun, friends, my love and food {eek}!!

You see – This has never been a problem for me – the food part that is; as Frankly I ate whatever I wanted to but I can’t do that any longer. Now, what to do, what to do!?

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I have researched various healthy alternatives to Christmas lunches, dinners, snacks and more.

These are a few options which I thoroughly enjoy and find easy to make as well:

1. Fish Cakes – I know it’s not really ‘Christmas-sy’ but hey it tastes DELICIOUS, it’s easy to make, affordable and Healthy.

2. Pumpkin Pie – Make your own; so you know exactly what goes in there!

3. SALAD – there are so many healthy, delicious and filling salads to add to your main dish.

4. Kebabs – who DOESN’T love a Kebab!?

5. Sweet Potato {The healthier option} – there are hundreds of recipes out there. {Try them out!}

6. Roast Veg – please don’t drench them in oil!

What are you making for Christmas Lunch and/or Dinner?



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So, as my first post in this {very exciting} venture of mine I am going to share the one thing most people DREADSnacking, nibbling, eating small quantities of food ALL.THE.TIME – whatever you want to call it!

Today I find myself in one of these situations – I literally cannot stop wanting to snack on any-and everything! 

O.k, so most people will say how extremely BAD snacking is for you – well; if you are snacking on small burgers, patries, chips and/or chocolate coated Pretzels – then YES SNACKING IS BAD FOR YOU!

If you are snacking on the following items you are on the road to a fabulous and healthy body:
(These are items I found has worked for me.)

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1. Almonds

2. Apple(s)

3. Celery

4. Carrot Sticks

5. Bulgarian Yoghurt

6. Pretzels, rather than biscuits or chips

Personally – I love snacking on different fruits, especially apples, peaches, naartjies and strawberries.
You see – snacking ensures your metabolism stays on track because your sugar levels are up, running and in good condition. Now, don’t go ballistic and eat all.da.all.day.long!

Remember; everything in moderation!

Do you have a favourite snack?

*Please note, I am no dietician nor have a studied anything related to healthy eating or exercising. I am merely a normal person who happens to find this field very interesting and thus have learned a few things {which I will share with you} through my experiences.

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