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So after much speculation and weighing of options; I decided to rather go to the gym than exercise outdoors!

This may seem strange as I was in town, had to endure 5 ‘o clock traffic and my petrol light – very appropriately – switched on, but I managed to keep calm and take the high road!

I am very happy about my decision as just then, I received an email from Z2 – she wasn’t feeling all that happy! Now, usually I would suggest wine and in a way I did but Z2 suggested our tradition – a red cuppachino from Woolworths! She did end up having wine – I didn’t – but I suspect she needed it a tad more than me!

After our catch up I did manage to visit the gym; and I had one of the best sessions ever – it may have been that mixed berry smoothie…or the fantastic chat I had with my friend! I am CERTAIN I needed Z2 more than she needed me! Strange how that works out; right?


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I don’t often exercise in the great outdoors – I much prefer a air-conditioned environment – but as I had a training session scheduled for today (which unfortunately had to be cancelled) I thought, “Why not grab the opportunity and take on the Promenade!” This will only include a Jog which is quite a relaxed exercise regime in comparison to my usual training.

My outdoor training experience (if you can call it that) started last week – when I was still a virgin Lion’s Head Climber/Walker/Runner; that’s no longer the situation. {YAY!!}

Now; I won’t go as far as to say I’ll be able to take you on a personal Hiking Tour but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out – some way or another – to get you up and down the mountain! (That’s a good way to start; right?)

Now the only question is, “Do I take on the Promenade, Lion’s Head or the familiar gym?”

What do you think of out door exercising?


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I think everybody who lives in Cape Town, loves Cape Town – there’s just NO other way!

I have to give credit to my BFF Z1 though – without her I would not have grown to love the Mother City as much as I do! She took me to various coffee shops, restaurants and Markets {I’m starting to notice a weight gain pattern here Z1!?} which I immediately fell in love with; I took my family, friends and Boyf – to share with them the beauty in which we are surrounded!

The one place I came to LOVE is the Promenade – if you’re from Cape Town, you’ve been there! Although you’ll find a rather large number of joggers, strollers and Rollerladers you will soon come to notice the Beauty the Scenery offers!

I strongly suggest you take a stroll down one of the most beautiful ‘walkways’ in SA!

Image via smartcapetownebook.wordpress.com

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