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Yesterday evening myself, the BF, Z1 and her better half celebrated Valentine’s day at Addis in Cape! I absolutely loved it especially the cultural experience which was enhanced with smells, the décor, the service as well as the food!

The food was delicious and the company great – Overall it was an amazing experience!

Here are a few pics from the evening!

P.S – Apologies for only posting pics of the Coffee Ceremony – I’m still waiting on a few more!



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At last – the 14th of February has arrived and (as I’ve mentioned yesterday) I am very excited!!

I will be celebrating with my BF, as well as with Z1 and her better half at Addis in Cape in Cape Town. This will be our first visit to the restaurant so I’m really looking forward to learning about the Ethiopian Culture and eating their yummy food!

Today’s also the one day in the year when I allow myself to eat as much sweet treats as I wish; which is Great!

I’m very much in the spirit of things and even got beautiful pink nail polish to go with my Pink/White/Red outfit of the day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Share the Love; Pay it forward! It need not cost you a cent!


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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and oh my goodness I’m so excited! Yes it’s commercialized and yes you’re suppose to treat everyday like it’s valentine’s day – when with you partner BUT come on – even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, you must at least like the love it represents!

I’m such a hopeless romantic – everybody knows this!! (Including my bf!) Therefore I celebrate this day like it may well be my last, because let’s be honest with each other – when can a grown up woman wear head to toe Pink/Red and not get strange looks? Only on Valentine’s Day!

This year I’m going at it in full force – I even got my colleagues to share in the excitement. (Against their will, but nevertheless – they are partcipating!)

So, to all the people out there who doesn’t necessarily appreciate this money making commercialized day, THINK twice – you won’t be getting this much chocolate on any ordinary day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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