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No I’m not referring to rolls as in FAT rolls but rather rolling in terms of going forward! I’ve been creatively making use of weights and YAY! I am starting to see some results…pity my rear doesn’t want to shrink as fast as I would like.

Anywho, just wanted to pop in…off to a Braai now; 1st need to go make that salad. Eek!



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So, as my first post in this {very exciting} venture of mine I am going to share the one thing most people DREADSnacking, nibbling, eating small quantities of food ALL.THE.TIME – whatever you want to call it!

Today I find myself in one of these situations – I literally cannot stop wanting to snack on any-and everything! 

O.k, so most people will say how extremely BAD snacking is for you – well; if you are snacking on small burgers, patries, chips and/or chocolate coated Pretzels – then YES SNACKING IS BAD FOR YOU!

If you are snacking on the following items you are on the road to a fabulous and healthy body:
(These are items I found has worked for me.)

Image via energiafitnessclub

1. Almonds

2. Apple(s)

3. Celery

4. Carrot Sticks

5. Bulgarian Yoghurt

6. Pretzels, rather than biscuits or chips

Personally – I love snacking on different fruits, especially apples, peaches, naartjies and strawberries.
You see – snacking ensures your metabolism stays on track because your sugar levels are up, running and in good condition. Now, don’t go ballistic and eat all.da.all.day.long!

Remember; everything in moderation!

Do you have a favourite snack?

*Please note, I am no dietician nor have a studied anything related to healthy eating or exercising. I am merely a normal person who happens to find this field very interesting and thus have learned a few things {which I will share with you} through my experiences.

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As mentioned previously; I have turned my life around – I came to a point in my life where I had to be Honest with myself! 

I started watching what I put in my mouth as well as how much exercise I do in a week – this seems to be the only {healthy} option out there and I’m sticking to it! Done!

So, this is what I have learned over the Course of {more or less} 4 months:

1. It is {VERY} POSSIBLE To say NO. Especially aimed at Sweet indulgences – the sugar will kill you!

2. It is possible {and VERY EFFECTIVE} to incentivise your Workout Routine. Work out 3 times a week for 2 week=new pair of Shoes. Your wallet and waistline thanks you!!

3. Loosing weight is Difficult. Deal with it!

4. What you put in your mouth; needs to be used effectively within your workout.

5. Working out doesn’t allow you to eat whatever the hell you want. This will ruin you. You will NOT lose any weight. {UPSIDE: You can indulge [after you’ve reached a stable weight] in something..NOT EVERYTHING}

6. Don’t REWARD yourself with food – in the end you are ONLY FOOLING YOURSELF.

7. Lastly – you will Thank YOURSELF for what you have achieved. You will feel better; your skin will look better; your hair, nails – everything will just be better!!

P.S – TOP TIP {BEAUTY}: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. You can Thank me later!

Happy Exercising!


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My apologies for leaving you all for a while – not only was I super duper Busy but I had the worst flu humanly possible; making it impossible for me to Blog, {Ontrekkings} but I am back in full force! YAY!

To Update:

1. Fashion – I am still a fashion Junkie and although my Bank Balance may not support this Post of mine, my Cupboard sure does! I have bought some Fabulous Summer Items – I have an excuse {Please see below}.

2. Diet {although more a lifestyle choice as of lately} – Things are going really well with the whole ‘Looking Fab and feeling better’ lifestyle Choice I made 4 months ago! To date, I have shed 15 kg’s and still going strong! {hence the Shopping problem above}

3. Pretty Things – what more can I say, I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.ALL.THINGS.PRETTY!!

4. Writing {and Blogging} – I have ALWAYS had a PASSION for writing {and reading} but this has spiralled out of Control {in a good way}. I am so excited, driven and passionate about writing lately – it just came to me! I have this talent and I just want to learn more, know more and WRITE MORE!! It comes as no surprise then that I am in love with Blogging as well!

5. Newest fetish – WEDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Colour, style and height {well, not Lady Gaga High}.

LOVING the Bow!!

6. Step and Tone – This is RANDOM but I had to share it with someone – That Step and Tone Class of Yesterday nearly killed me; I am so stiff today I can hardly walk…so I went Jogging! It didn’t help – I’m still stiff…Thus opting for the better option; BLOGGING!

That’s me in a Nutshell- for now!


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Image 2 via tangerinehearts.com

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Soooo..after my post last night I thought…hmmm…why not share some of the things I have learned thus far; hence the following post! Enjoy!

NO - salad is NOT the ONLY thing you can eat when on a diet! There are some Fab recipes out there but hey - that salad sure looks GOOD! Hmmmmm!!

1. Eat a fruit and yoghurt for Breakfast – it fills you up and doesn’t add the extra ‘kilojoules’ milk does.

2. Have a Lite Cup a Soup when feeling Peckish – it fills you up until lunch time and it’s PERFECT for winter!

3. Having Crackerbread/Pro-vita/Rice Cakes/Rye-vitas etc.  for lunch is Great – you are full afterwards but you do not get the Bloated feeling Bread gives you – and the great thing is; you can have like 4 at a time! Vary your toppings and keep it interesting – my favourite: Tuna, fat free cottage cheese and Tabasco! Yum!!

4. Have coffee and tea – yeah yeah – caffeine is bad for you and it does give you cellulite but hey – you only live ONCE! Just watch your milk intake – 1 cup of fat free milk a day is more than enough.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: Drink Drink Drink Drink….WATER – up to 3 Litres per day!!

Top Tip – Dieting SHOULD NOT be a SCHLEP – it’s suppose to become your lifestyle! Throw in some exercise and you are good to go! Spoil yourself – if you eat healthily 5 days out of  a week and ‘cheat’ 2 of the 7 days you will NOT become fat – it’s a mindset; stick to it!

* I am not a trained dietician nor do I know A Lot about healthy eating – what you read here is what I have learned over this time and used to shed some kilos and I am in NO WAY forcing anybody to use these tips – they are mere suggestions. Good Luck! 

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You can say I’m going through somewhat of a ‘metamorphosis‘ – I have really taken the bull by its horns and decided – to HERE and NO more! I started changing my life ONE step at a time and my first step was towards a smaller ASS!

I cannot emphasize how much losing weight has improved my way of life – I feel great, my skin’s like silk and NO blemishes – It’s a Miracle!!

I thought it’s only fitting to share with you my road to ‘recovery’ – becoming thinner that is.

First I need to tell you about this book* (Please see footnote below) I came across this past weekend – it’s called Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin and WHAT AN EYE OPENER! Not only do they write in a way ALL NORMAL human beings can understand but they really offer you valid and REAL suggestions, helpful tips and the truth. Although they focus on Veganism and swear by it, I decided not to go that route. Unfortunately it is a bit too out there for me.

An absolute GREAT read - it's REAL and MOTIVATIONAL at the same time!!

Their way of approaching being overweight – not themselves; the one is a model and the other one a scout – is from such a fresh perspective and so easy to understand I could not put the book down untill I finished it – Now that is good writing; a diet book has NEVER been too exciting for me!

The two "skinny bitches" - Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

This is what the authors had to say,  “We met at a talent agency in 1996, and became fast friends. And one of the foundations for our friendship was food. We were both completely obsessed with it. But we weren’t always healthy eaters. So eventually, when we did change our ways, we experienced firsthand the difference a healthy diet could make. And the more we learned for ourselves, the more we wanted to share our knowledge and help others. So we set out to write Skinny Bitch: A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!

*I came across this book 6 weeks AFTER starting my own healthy Lifestyle – although I do agree with some of the things said in this book there are some things I don’t agree with. It is very Pro-Vegan and some may appreciate it and some not so much. I am not forcing anyone to go the Vegan route nor am I saying vegans are wrong. I focus more on the fact that there are REAL women out there, with the SAME problems as you and I and the WAY IN WHICH THEY WROTE THE BOOK I found to be very relate-able and honest.

This is my first post on my way to Recovery being thin- I’ll keep you posted about how it goes and will add some great recipes for you to enjoy!

Images via greatdaytobealive and funlovingliving

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