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No I’m not referring to rolls as in FAT rolls but rather rolling in terms of going forward! I’ve been creatively making use of weights and YAY! I am starting to see some results…pity my rear doesn’t want to shrink as fast as I would like.

Anywho, just wanted to pop in…off to a Braai now; 1st need to go make that salad. Eek!



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I guess I should welcome myself to my blog…it’s been forever since my last post; what a shame.

I’ve been busy; very busy. After obtaining my Degree in PR I have made a career move, a house move and a…well; that’s actually all the moves I have been making (unless you refer to my ‘moves like Jagger’.)!!

I think it’s time; time to re-start, re-launch and re-engage with my blog, myself and the possible readers hereof.

Welcome to a new and improved (I never understood that term but hey..it works!) Blog – Real Life Ramblings is here to rock your world; or perhaps just create a platform on which I can talk (to myself it seems).

Cheerios amegos.

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