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Vandag se post sal in twee tale gedoen word want ons vier vannaand die who’s who van die teater by die Fiesta Toekennings wat by Artscape in Kaapstad plaasvind!

KykNet het al die stops uitgeruk – tesame met hul BLOU TAPYT!

Ek’s vreeslik opgewonde!!
Ek dra vannaand Oranje en Goud – burnt orange klink beter!

Ek sal more ‘n paar kiekies oplaai!
Oor en Uit!


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It comes as NO SURPRISE that the Reality Star, Kim Kardashian had Custom-made shoes for her wedding and frankly it doesn’t surprise me that she had three pairs of them either! As we know – the Kardashian Clan does everything OTT, especially the famous Kim!

This is what the Bride herself had to say about her fabulous Custom Made Giuseppe Zannoti Shoes!! “Giuseppe Zannoti custom-made me three pairs of GORGEOUS heels to go with each Vera Wang gown. The first pair was go with the princess dress that I wore during the wedding ceremony. They are closed-toe off-white satin with the crystal heel. I needed the height and wanted a sturdy heel because I was so afraid I was going to trip walking down the aisle! LOL! For my mermaid gown I wore the peep toe white heels with the amazing beads on them. And then thirdly, I wore the simple satin sling back peep toes with my simple satin Old Hollywood gown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Zannoti! I am forever grateful you made this day that much more special!”


Via Kimkardashian

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It is no secret that I adore the Kardashian Clan – YES – they ARE way OVER THE TOP but hey; as they say: If you have it, Flaunt it!

At last, Kim Kardashian and (now husband) Kris Humphries said their I Do’s and of course, did not disappoint! She looked breathtaking – I absolutely LOVED the White Bridal Party looked; how about you?

Princess Kim!! Well done Vera Wang!!

Via Kimkardasshian

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Besides Sex and the City (of course) – there’s something (or rather someone) else I love…no; he’s not hot, nor a Guy. She is Called ‘The magnificently Talented Vera Wang’!

Vera Wang first caught my eye when interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show when she launched her Bridal Collection (the more ‘affordable’ one they mentioned), but after digging deeper I got rather fond of Mrs Wang and NOW I am just in Love.

Kim Kardashian will be walking down the aisle in less than a week (20 August) in one of Wang’s designs – (I’m certain) looking stylish and Glamorous all at once; so I thought – why not share some of my favourites.

Here you go; enjoy!

I LOVE THIS ONE - I love anything with a bow!!

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here - Boob-tube, big at the bottom and ribbon.

Not at all Over the Top but BEAUTIFUL!

Image 1 via fashionbride

Image 2 via weddinge.net

Image 3 via chatfa.com

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – Your eyes are not deceiving you; man: I.AM.EXCITED! [Happy Dance.]

There are very few things in this world I love more than an episode (or marathon – either way works) of Sex and the City! Now the news of a possible new Season broke and it might send others – like me – in somewhat of a FRENZY!

It is rumoured that we can rather expect a Season than a Movie – It might be because of all the negative criticism the second SATC movie received. [Sad face – cause I rather enjoyed it!]

Well – Season or Movie; I will most DEFINITELY be watching. You can not NOT watch a something all about LOVE, FASHION and LIFE! As the Famous Carrie Bradshaw Says, “LOVE – now that is ONE LABEL that will NEVER go out of style!” I agree!!

Via Sarie

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I am quite an avid fan of the Sex and the City Series and both movies so it was quite exciting to find that a prequal of SATC will launch soon. There has been rumours going around that Blake Lively will play the famous fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw but her representatives quickly denied it.

Although she didn’t make the cut for Carrie she did indeed get a part – she will be playing the Sex and Success Obsessed Samantha; I am Stoked.

The Lovely and super talented Blake Lively will fulfil the role of the Sexed-obsessed Samantha Jones!!

Carrie wouldn’t have been the perfect fit for her – especially fulfilling the role of the DRAMA Queen, Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl.

You are probably wondering; if  Blake is Samantha, who are the other Cast Members – well you need not wait any longer.

I introduce to you – the SATC Prequal Cast Members:

Disney Star, Selema Gomez will be fulfilling the role of  ‘Prim and Proper’, Charlotte.

The work and Family obsessed Miranda will be played by none other than Emma Roberts.

And the Honorary Role of Carrie Bradshaw has been scooped up by…Elizabeth Olsen — the younger sister of fellow child-stars-business-women-actresses-turned-design duo, Mary Kate and Ashley.  It looks like Success runs in the Olsen Family!!

Via styleite.com

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Model and co-designer, Agyness Deyn is most definitely not an eyesore and Lucky for South Africa she has landed the job to Model for Mr Price. She has been involved with them for quite some time.

When the Images of the Lovely Looking Agyness was released, my heart skipped a beat! Mr Price could NOT have made a BETTER decision on their preferred model – I will actually go out and buy one – if not all – of these dresses because it looks so HOT on her!

Nuff Said.

The Model of the Moment - Agyness Deyn


I'm GREEN with Envy... (I just HAD to.)


Images via Elle.co.za

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