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I spent my night with the Girls, a rather rare occasion of late – nonetheless, we had an absolute blast! We were invited to attend the 1st official Galileo Open Air Cinema Feature Film at the V&A Waterfront and ‘my, my(!!!)’ it did NOT disappoint!

They have some more amazing films lined up with big names such as Pretty Women, The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast and Tiffany’s and really – SO Much more!

Pop over to their website for more info and the official low-down on what exactly you can expect from this phenomenal Summer Experience!

Pssst…Tonight we ROCKED to the Tunes of ABBA – MAMMA MIA! made its way STRAIGHT back into my Heart!

My friends and I when we are older; or now – which-ever:



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No I’m not referring to rolls as in FAT rolls but rather rolling in terms of going forward! I’ve been creatively making use of weights and YAY! I am starting to see some results…pity my rear doesn’t want to shrink as fast as I would like.

Anywho, just wanted to pop in…off to a Braai now; 1st need to go make that salad. Eek!


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I guess I should welcome myself to my blog…it’s been forever since my last post; what a shame.

I’ve been busy; very busy. After obtaining my Degree in PR I have made a career move, a house move and a…well; that’s actually all the moves I have been making (unless you refer to my ‘moves like Jagger’.)!!

I think it’s time; time to re-start, re-launch and re-engage with my blog, myself and the possible readers hereof.

Welcome to a new and improved (I never understood that term but hey..it works!) Blog – Real Life Ramblings is here to rock your world; or perhaps just create a platform on which I can talk (to myself it seems).

Cheerios amegos.

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I look forward to Easter-weekend from the start of the year – not just because we get off work (YAY for Public Holidays), get to eat ENORMOUS amounts of Chocolates (and not feel guilty) and Hot-Cross Buns, but to spend time with family and share the true meaning of this special time! For all of those celebrating; Happy Easter!!

For those who don’t – enjoy this time; it truly is a special period!


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Some may say going to the YDE Naked sale (where everything’s R99) is utterly ridicioulous and I would most likely agree – EXCEPT it’s so much fun and you really do get such great bargain deals!!

Every year, myself, Z1 and Z2 attend the ‘calender event’ and every year I ask myself, “WHY?” But then I remember – it’s tradition!

This year I managed to get some great garments – I bought a white double breasted trench-coat, black widelegged trousers, an army green skinny, a silk top and a burnt orange – with gold emphasis around the shoulder area – maxi dress! All for JUST below R500! Now – come on ; no one can argue – THAT requires good shopping skills!!

I had a blast; although exhausted afterwards (as well as broke) – I cannot wait for the next naked sale! It’s going to rock!


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Myself and 3 friends were invited to attend the launch of the newly built (it burned down in 2009) Mangwanani African Spa at Zevenwacht (Kuilsriver, Northern Suburbs) and what a relaxing and beautiful experience!

We were beyond pampered  – our day/evening included a full body, foot and leg as well as a back and neck massage, dinner, snacks, beverages and the most amazing view, which I actually cannot describe! Although the road to the spa is quite rough and uneven (I nearly had a heart attack) it is very possible to take it on with a normal (not a 4×4) car. You’ll have to drive in first gear but believe me – It’s SO worth it!

We had our faces painted, drank bubbly, ate delicious food, had the most amazing treatments and the view – my goodness; nothing  I’ve seen before. During the day you are surrounded by vineyards but when the sun sets, the street lights welcome you into their world and you cannot help but relax and be thankful for what you are witnessing.

It was absolutely beautiful and it comes highly recommended!

Here are a few Pics!

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Once a week myself and two of the coolest girls in the world meet up for dinner party – rotating houses. Last night was my turn and – as I promised them – went all out!

I found the most amazing Food Blog – Food and Fabulous – and then I came across a very interesting Recipe; although I’ve never had Aubergine I was excited to try and put this dish together! Z2 is Vegetarian so it’s always exciting to try new things and experiment with different ingredients. This recipe was perfect for the ‘Gourmet Sense of Style’ I was wanting to treat them with.

Myself and Z1 are not vegetarian so I thought some chicken would really be missed but alas – it was PERFECT; a recipe I would recommend to anyone. I did however think it would be too little food so I opted for a 2nd dish – a Butternut, Beetroot, Feta, Red Onion and Roasted Sunflower Seeds recipe which I found on Harvest Brighton and Hove. I did serve it cold though.

These are my attempts at these dishes – personally I think I did a job well done; it tasted Delicious!

What is your favourite dish to try?

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