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It’s been quite a while since my last post (my apologies) – but I’m back and ready to start talking (well, writing).

Let’s Update:

1. NWJ Bridal Fair was GREAT (As always)

2. The Wedding Expo in JHB was just as amazing

3. Bride of the Year rocked my world (the event got great coverage and was featured on two television programmes respectively)

4. I still love working out and eating healthily

5. I’ve obtained my BTech Degree in PR

Jip; That’s my mom and I

6. I’ve turned a wonderful 24 (and spotted my 1st wrinkle..SH*T)


Birthday Celebration Dinner which I hosted

7. I found my new favourite blog: Broadbites.com

8. Shopping is still a problem for me; I Love it too much (I doubt that’s going to change)

9. I’ve met the most amazing women

10. I lost my assistant (I pray she’s in a wonderful place)

11. I did my 1st (paid-for) shoot

12. My friend got engaged

There have been so many things happening; I think I’ll leave you with this broad list and continue a more detailed blog post tomorrow.

Have a good Evening.



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Once a week myself and two of the coolest girls in the world meet up for dinner party – rotating houses. Last night was my turn and – as I promised them – went all out!

I found the most amazing Food Blog – Food and Fabulous – and then I came across a very interesting Recipe; although I’ve never had Aubergine I was excited to try and put this dish together! Z2 is Vegetarian so it’s always exciting to try new things and experiment with different ingredients. This recipe was perfect for the ‘Gourmet Sense of Style’ I was wanting to treat them with.

Myself and Z1 are not vegetarian so I thought some chicken would really be missed but alas – it was PERFECT; a recipe I would recommend to anyone. I did however think it would be too little food so I opted for a 2nd dish – a Butternut, Beetroot, Feta, Red Onion and Roasted Sunflower Seeds recipe which I found on Harvest Brighton and Hove. I did serve it cold though.

These are my attempts at these dishes – personally I think I did a job well done; it tasted Delicious!

What is your favourite dish to try?

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If, like me, you have been waiting for this time of the year to arrive you are, like me, VERY EXCITED RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

Image Via: thischickcooks.blogspot.com

I only have a few more days left of work then it’s me, the sun, friends, my love and food {eek}!!

You see – This has never been a problem for me – the food part that is; as Frankly I ate whatever I wanted to but I can’t do that any longer. Now, what to do, what to do!?

 Image Via: Delish.com


I have researched various healthy alternatives to Christmas lunches, dinners, snacks and more.

These are a few options which I thoroughly enjoy and find easy to make as well:

1. Fish Cakes – I know it’s not really ‘Christmas-sy’ but hey it tastes DELICIOUS, it’s easy to make, affordable and Healthy.

2. Pumpkin Pie – Make your own; so you know exactly what goes in there!

3. SALAD – there are so many healthy, delicious and filling salads to add to your main dish.

4. Kebabs – who DOESN’T love a Kebab!?

5. Sweet Potato {The healthier option} – there are hundreds of recipes out there. {Try them out!}

6. Roast Veg – please don’t drench them in oil!

What are you making for Christmas Lunch and/or Dinner?


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You can say I’m going through somewhat of a ‘metamorphosis‘ – I have really taken the bull by its horns and decided – to HERE and NO more! I started changing my life ONE step at a time and my first step was towards a smaller ASS!

I cannot emphasize how much losing weight has improved my way of life – I feel great, my skin’s like silk and NO blemishes – It’s a Miracle!!

I thought it’s only fitting to share with you my road to ‘recovery’ – becoming thinner that is.

First I need to tell you about this book* (Please see footnote below) I came across this past weekend – it’s called Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin and WHAT AN EYE OPENER! Not only do they write in a way ALL NORMAL human beings can understand but they really offer you valid and REAL suggestions, helpful tips and the truth. Although they focus on Veganism and swear by it, I decided not to go that route. Unfortunately it is a bit too out there for me.

An absolute GREAT read - it's REAL and MOTIVATIONAL at the same time!!

Their way of approaching being overweight – not themselves; the one is a model and the other one a scout – is from such a fresh perspective and so easy to understand I could not put the book down untill I finished it – Now that is good writing; a diet book has NEVER been too exciting for me!

The two "skinny bitches" - Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

This is what the authors had to say,  “We met at a talent agency in 1996, and became fast friends. And one of the foundations for our friendship was food. We were both completely obsessed with it. But we weren’t always healthy eaters. So eventually, when we did change our ways, we experienced firsthand the difference a healthy diet could make. And the more we learned for ourselves, the more we wanted to share our knowledge and help others. So we set out to write Skinny Bitch: A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!

*I came across this book 6 weeks AFTER starting my own healthy Lifestyle – although I do agree with some of the things said in this book there are some things I don’t agree with. It is very Pro-Vegan and some may appreciate it and some not so much. I am not forcing anyone to go the Vegan route nor am I saying vegans are wrong. I focus more on the fact that there are REAL women out there, with the SAME problems as you and I and the WAY IN WHICH THEY WROTE THE BOOK I found to be very relate-able and honest.

This is my first post on my way to Recovery being thin- I’ll keep you posted about how it goes and will add some great recipes for you to enjoy!

Images via greatdaytobealive and funlovingliving

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Oh my GOODNESS – it is actual torture writing about something so delicious so early in the morning but I HAD to share this AMAZING recipe courtesy of the fabulous Betty Bake!! (Thanks for sharing!)

Creamy Roasted Rosa Tomato, Mushroom and Chicken Pasta. (Doesn’t that just sound divine?)

I CAN have this for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Here Goes:

1 whole chicken
2 large onions
400g (2 punnets) rosa/small tomatoes
250 – 350g mushrooms of your choice (i used button and portabello)
250ml (1 cup) of cream
fresh herbs – thyme, basil, sage (1 small sprig of each)
2 tablespoons brown Organic sugar
3 cloves garlic
1 packet of pasta (i used rice noodles)


Place your chicken in a roasting dish and season with salt and roast at 170 degrees until cooked but still moist. Take the chicken out the dish and set aside to cool. keep the dish with the juices from the chicken.
Peel and slice the onions into half rings about thin to medium thickness and place in the same dish as that the chicken was roasted in – in all the juices. Roast the onions for roughly 10 – 15 min (until light golden brown)
Now place the little tomatoes in with the cooked onions, placing a slit in each tomato so it won’t burst in the oven. Add the fresh herbs and thinly sliced 2 cloves of garlic. You can use dried herbs if you don’t have fresh.Sprinkle with sugar, salt and pepper. Place back  in the oven and stir occasionally. Cook until the tomatoes are soft and wilted and oozing. Squish them down with the back of a large spoon.
While the tomatoes are finishing up in the oven start to boil your pasta.
Thinly slice the mushrooms and fry in a large frying pan with some olive oil add 1 diced garlic clove.
Once your pasta is boiled take off the heat and rinse.
Take all the white meat off the chicken and chop into chunks.
Add the tomato/onion dish from the oven to the mushrooms (juices and all) stir.
Now add the chicken and a tub of cream. Mix together and salt to taste.
Stir your chunky mushroom, chicken and tomato sauce into the pasta and serve.

(serves 4)

Images and recipe courtesy of BETTY BAKE

To view the Betty Bake Blog, click here!

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