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Yesterday was quite the day of eating since arriving in Durban on Friday – the morning started of with a 3km run, follwed by 120 different sit-ups and crunches as well as a few push-ups!

I went for breakfast at around 8:30 and what a feast for the eyes! It was so hot – as always it seems – so I ended up having Belaire Suit’s homemade granola, greek yoghurt and loads and loads of fruit! It was delicious but I may have overindulged just a little bit, nontheless I grabbed 2 apples and – was on my way to the NWJ Bridal fair!

Like I mentioned; Durban is very hot as well as dry – this leaves me thirsty all the time! So I had about 3L of water as well as apples and a Yoga Berry (no dairy) Kauai Smoothie for lunch! Hmmmm!

This is still all good and well; what followed the evening may have been – what do they call it – carb overload! It was amazingly delicious though! Myself and a friend went to Cafe Jiran for dinner – we had wine, the most amazing veg lasagne I’ve EVER eaten follwed by what might have been the best ice cream and chocolate sauce in our existance!

It was a super fun night – the only thing is; I still have to have true Durban Curry! So, tonight I’m on the search for just that!

It’s drizzling today but nevertheless; I’m attempting at least a 2km jog! That ice-cream certainly won’t vanish any other way!

I’ll post some more pics soon!


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Last night I had the privilege of attending the {absolutely amazing} Shirley Valentyn with Shaleen Surtie-Richards at the Baxter Theatre in Rondebosch and what an experience!

Firstly – when walking into the theatre room you are welcomed by the smell of a delicious (ve-ge-ta-ble) curry (I was so hungry; so this really got my excited!) and then Shirley (Shaleen) opens her mouth with a glass off Graca in hand and immediately pulls you in.  Most of us know Shaleen as the famous Nenna of the acclaimed Egoli (place of Gold) but what I witnessedf last night was talent that stretches above and beyond!

You will laugh (loudly) and cry (softly or loudly – as you wish) with Shirley – while going through her live’s ups and downs; what she thinks about sex and Mr. Livingston (You’ll love the story behind this ‘character’).

I was astonished by what can be ‘created’ on such a small stage – I walked out of there with a new lease on life; wanting to be more and more importantly; Live! Shirley Valentyn in her Colour Coordinated Crocs and Glass of White Wine has taught me that you need to LIVE your life; oh and that Costa is not just a name of a bar in Greece but rather a very attractive Greek resident!

Shirley Valentyn comes Highly recommended!

Image via flickr.com

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